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‘Ramble On’ T-Shirts Honor Live Music Professionals


While the COVID-19 pandemic has displaced hundreds of thousands of jobs across events and entertainment, live music fans of all genres around the world can show their support by buying a new Ramble On t-shirt at

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A3 Merch, a leading event and music merchandise and branding company, announced it is collaborating with the Recording Academy to donate 100% of proceeds from its newly created brand for charity – Ramble On – to the MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund. Ramble On aims to pay tribute to the professionals behind the live performances that fuels a major portion of music industry revenue. Purchasing and wearing T-shirts for US$25 each (including shipping and handling) is a small way fans can show their love and support for live music.

“Working with the Recording Academy, we’re calling on all fans and fan groups to support Ramble On as a small gesture showing that those behind the scenes are important and we’re keeping hope that we can experience their work again very soon,” said Christian Svendsen, Co-Owner of A3 Merch. “Many in the entertainment world are without work right now and we’ve been reminded that our memorable musical moments are enabled by people who live gig-to-gig. MusiCares is playing a critical role in relief efforts right now, but resources aren’t bottomless, so we are creating an opportunity for fans to show their support until we’re back going to shows.”

The MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund was created by the Recording Academy and MusiCares to provide financial support to music people in need due to the cancellation of income-generating music events and other industry work opportunities. In addition to the Fund, all Recording Academy chapters have committed to fundraising in their communities. The Recording Academy also has appealed to Congress to further protect musicians, performers, songwriters, and studio professionals such as self-employed gig workers who are impacted by cancellations due to the ongoing pandemic. The Recording Academy and MusiCares is working to continually provide resources to those in need.

A3 Merch is a fully integrated merchandise and branding company focused on marketing special events and festivals, touring artists of all types, and consumer retail products. Based in Nashville, Tenn. and founded in 2009 by music industry veterans Jon Elliot and Christian Svendsen, A3 Merch has fueled revenue and brand awareness through merch sales for major music festivals, recording artists and labels, sporting events, and nationally recognized food and beverage franchises. A3 Merch can be contacted online at

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