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The Turnip Truck Opens New Location


The Turnip Truck recently opened its third location.

The new store is located at 5001 Charlotte Avenue.

Sharing the news via Facebook, “Two weeks ago, much of the equipment for this store was destroyed by the tornado. With Covid-19 striking on the heels of that, we knew we had to press forward to help feed our neighbors. I’m thrilled to say that – against all odds – we are opening a day earlier than we had originally planned. It won’t be as polished as we had hoped, but it will be open. This would not have been possible without the herculean efforts of our team and the support of the city of Nashville. We are thrilled to have more than 90 local companies represented in our inventory. In addition, we are creating new jobs here for 70 employees,” said owner John Dyke

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Photos from the new location below.

The 15,000-square-foot store will offer produce, groceries, a butcher, bulk foods, beer and wine, supplements, health and beauty items, and a filtered water station. Customers can expect the most local food available, with produce sourced within 200 miles. While this may be affected by the current situation, in a typical season, a full 90 percent or more of Turnip Truck’s produce is organic. Other products including local grass-fed meats, supplements and packaged foods are sourced for their lack of artificial colors, sweeteners, fillers, preservatives, thickeners or additives.

The store will include a hot bar, salad bar, 100% organic juice bar and deli.  Due to Covid-19, the salad and hot bars are currently closed at all Turnip Truck locations.

Turnip Truck is working to respond to increased demand for groceries citywide by adding staff. Dyke said that in the past week alone, he has hired 30 new employees for his stores to ensure shelves stay stocked. Customers can expect a highly sanitary shopping experience at Turnip Truck stores, with strict cleaning protocol and special sanitizing stations inside and out.

“With the current threat to our health, now’s the time focus on nutrition and building up our immunity,” Dyke said. “Our team has always been a health partner to our customers, and we are ready and able to help folks find the right products and supplements for their individual needs.”

Continuing Turnip Truck’s legacy of sustainable business and building practices, rooftop solar panels will provide 15 percent of the store’s energy. Turnip Truck returns vegetable debris (compost) produced in food preparation to nearby farms. Customers will find recycling stations in the new location, which will not use plastic grocery bags – a store policy since 2014.

Dyke opened the original Turnip Truck Natural Market on Woodland Street in East Nashville in 2001. An East Tennessee native, he grew up on a family farm and sought to bring the health and wellness benefits of whole, local foods to his Nashville neighborhood. Nearly two decades later, he has opened a flagship store in East Nashville, a Gulch location and, now, a Charlotte Avenue grocery. “I opened our first store in East Nashville to meet the needs of my neighbors, and we have expanded throughout Nashville to meet demands for a truly local grocer,” he said.

For the latest updates, follow The Turnip Truck on Facebook.

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