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The Whiskey Shot Opens in Nashville


A new type of bar, called The Whiskey Shot, has opened in Nashville.

As described on their Facebook page, The Whiskey Shot is “where a day at the range meets a night on the town.”

Details shared on the website state that the shooting range using “the same state of the art technology developed to train elite military and law enforcement units. You can experience the camaraderie of the fight and the thrill of victory in a safe and entertaining environment. Our ultra-realistic guns fire harmless invisible lasers. Relax, drink up, no one’s going home with any new holes.”

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The Whiskey-based bar menu offers cocktails and an option to purchase a flight of Tennessee whiskeys. Food items on the menu include soft pretzels, fried green tomatoes, nachos, wings, sliders, and tacos.

Located at 209 Printers Alley, Nashville. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 4 pm – 2 am, and Saturday – Sunday noon – 2 am.

For the latest news, visit their Facebook page.

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Donna Vissman
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