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Tim McGraw to Host Virtual Concert


As more and more live concerts are canceled, virtual concerts are the way artists are connecting with fans.

Tim McGraw recently announced a virtual concert happening in August.

Via Facebook, McGraw shares, “The thing I miss most about playing live shows is the connection I feel with everyone in the room. While we can’t be physically together right now, I wanted to create the closest thing I could to celebrate the new album #HEREONEARTH… so on August 21st we’re gonna do a special live broadcast to take you behind the songs, chat with the songwriters, and play some of the new stuff plus old favorites! Hope to see you there!!”

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The Here on Earth live stream will be held on Sunday, August 21 at 8 pm. Here on Earth event will give fans a rare inside look at the release of Tim McGraw’s new album Here On Earth. Fans will also listen to McGraw as he chats with songwriters, interacts with the band and reveals the stories behind the new songs. With the backing of a five-piece super-acoustic band, McGraw will play some old favorites along with some new tracks. Up-close and live, this intimate performance will prove to be a special show for anyone watching.

Tickets are on sale now, purchase tickets here.  

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