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Discount Retailer Tuesday Morning to Close


Discount retailer Tuesday Morning, located at 4108 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville, will close.

Earlier this week, Tuesday Morning announced they were filing Chapter 11. Due to COVID-19, the retailer closed all of its stores. To date, they stated they have reopened 80 percent of their stores but due to reorganization plans, some stores will not reopen.

Steve Becker, Chief Executive Officer, stated in a release, “The prolonged and unexpected closures of our stores in response to COVID-19 has had severe consequences on our business. Prior to the pandemic, we were gaining momentum in our merchant organization, growing our vendor base and improving brands, assortment and value for our customers, while investing in our technology and corporate leadership team. However, the complete halt of store operations for two months put the Company in a financial position that can be effectively addressed only through a reorganization in Chapter 11.”

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The company expects to close approximately 230 of its 687 stores to focus on high-performing locations and will do this with a phased approach.

A list of stores expected to close was released, including the Nashville location.

The Tuesday Morning website lists four other locations in the area:

  • 1010 Murfreesboro Rd Suite 192, Franklin
  • 655 S Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet
  • 261 Indian Lake Blvd Suite 300, Hendersonville
  • 1250 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro
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