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Wanna Have The Perfect Nashville Weekend? Here’s Joe Clemons’ Guide


Three cheers for the weekend, y’all!

You may have embraced the weekend mentality early with last night’s Live on The Green (photo recap coming soon!), but it’s for real now. Friday has arrived! To celebrate, we’re doing a special edition of Friday Favorites with one of Nashville’s finest. Joe Clemons. Joe is a man about the town in the 615, constantly bringing us awesome events (through his gig at Native) and A+ boy band puns (a sample from his take on the One Direction concert this past week: “Man all the traffic last night made it seem like the whole city was trying to go in one direction, If only everyone could have gotten in sync it wouldn’t have been bad.”). Wanna get this Music City insider’s guide to the weekend? Here it is, in all of its ’90s/Billy Madison splendor:

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“I’ve got my lunch packed up,

My boots tied tight,

I hope I don’t get in a fight.


Back to School

Back to School

Back to School”

– an excerpt from “Back to School”

By: Adam Sandler

There is a certain adolescent melancholy that comes when the freedom of summer ends and the stern call of lecture halls, heavy backpacks, and paper writing summons students back to school. However, once the summer sweat is shaken off, a new electricity begins to flow and a renewed groove begins. I haven’t been in school since the ’90s, but this season, I’m empathizing with the students’ plight. Hell, I’m even excited for the little poindexters (probably because of all of the ’90s revivalism that’s happening in music, art, and fashion right now, but I digress). Fall isn’t just about academic fresh starts, though. It also marks the beginning of a new party/event season. And that’s why Autumn is my Friday Favorite. This weekend is full of fabulous events like these:

Local Honey & Native Present: School Daze

25-50% Off Sale At LH By Day & Exit/In Party By Night


Mad Decent Block Party

A 12th & Porter Party With Diplo, Project Pat, Riff Raff, & More

Image courtesy of djoybeat.com

Nashville Outlines 2014

A Westside Festival at The Stone Fox

Image courtesy of Nashville Scene
Image courtesy of Nashville Scene

The Boom Bap

A Hip Hop Party Where They Actually Spin Vinyl

Image courtesy of Break On A Cloud
Image courtesy of Break On A Cloud

With a whole season of events like these – I’m glad (just like the ’90s) that the kids are back!

– written by an out of touch old man


There you have it, Nashville. The incomparable Joe Clemons’ picks for the weekend! What do YOU wannado this weekend? Let us know in the comments! For all your Nashville adventures, download Wannado. We’ve got you covered!

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