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Live On The Green Was Awesome This Week (& We Have Photographic Evidence)


The Head & The Heart might have performed “Let’s Be Still” with the utmost sincerity, but Nashville just couldn’t keep from toe-tappin’ last night.

Live On The Green has become one of our city’s most anticipated cultural events. Apart from free booze events and Reba sightings (because no matter who you are, you’re not too cool to fangirl/boy over the national treasure that is Reba McEntire), LOTG probably brings out the biggest local crowd of the year. We saw y’all out there last night in your breezy tank tops and your jorts – you were lookin’ good. So much so, that we felt the need to snap some pics and capture the moment. For those of you who went, here’s an immediate walk down memory lane (all images courtesy of Carl Schulz); for those who didn’t, this is your friendly reminder that you REALLY don’t want to miss next week! Find all the details in Wannado.

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Goodbye June started the show off right with a killer set that got the crowd on their feet (not that a ton of people wanted to sit in the grass).




Nashville’s own Wild Cub tore it up in coordinating black outfits. They came, they rocked, they conquered.





(Notice the jacket removal. It was stupid hot, FYI – figuratively and literally, based on the “woo”s we heard from many female members of the crowd)



Finally, indie favorites The Head & The Heart took the stage just as a floating lantern flew over the crowd. Magic.







The night ended on a straight up beautiful note, and we all waded through the crowd of amazing Nashvillians with a song in our heart and an overflowing love of our city. We love these Nashville moments. Make sure you’re there for them with Wannado! We’ll make sure you stay in the know on all the ways to connect with your city.

See you next week, y’all!

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