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#LastCheerAtGreer: Your Memories Of Greer Stadium


America’s/Nashville’s favorite pastime.

For the last 37 years, our city has come out in droves for love of the game. We’ve drowned our sorrows in nacho cheese, celebrated our joys with $1 beers, and gotten endless amounts of entertainment from watching Ozzie wander the aisles of Greer Stadium with his always whimsical mascot antics (there is nothing funnier than seeing a mascot do the sprinkler…nothing). We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve probably yelled at the other team a time or two (but always portrayed exemplary sportsmanship, of course). Greer Stadium has been a part of the Music City story for over a quarter of a century, making up an integral piece of the tapestry that is Nashville, Tennessee. It’s no secret – the city is changing, and change can be good. However, this is our hope: as the city changes, we take time to celebrate the wonderful memories of Nashville, new and old, never forgetting the places that made us fall in love with this city and preserved our moments. Luckily, that’s just who Nashvillians are! So much so, that you’ve been collecting your memories of Greer Stadium under the hashtag #LastCheerAtGreer. So with the final games at the stadium coming to a close (check out the game tonight for $1 tickets and hot dogs through SeatGeek), we thought we’d highlight some of your thoughts on why the stadium is so special. Get the Kleenex (and the Cracker Jacks):

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We’ve all been gettin’ nostalgic:


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(Though some have started looking to the promising future):


For all the times we partied…



For all the times we served…


You’ve always been there for our milestones.




Siri might not have always acknowledged your existence…



But the queen of sassy country and stiletto-stomping totally thinks you’re great…


And we will share our moments with you until the very last play.


Because we’ve had some GOOD ones.


So thanks, Greer Stadium. We sure do love you. Make sure you come out to one of the last games, and to connect with all things Nashville (new and old), grab Wannado. From concerts to sporting events to happy hours and much more, we’ve got you covered!

What’s YOUR favorite Greer Stadium memory? Tell us in the comments, y’all!

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