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3 New Nashville Restaurants To Try This Week


Wanna be a foodie?

Over the last few years, the world has taken notice of Nashville’s top-notch culinary confections. From the Kings Of Leon-supported Music City Eats to the ultra-hip food and drink empire that the Goldberg brothers have built (and much more), our foodie scene just keeps growing. Lucky for us, that means a ton of new places are popping up all the time, and we get to wear our elastic pants (or flowy dresses, ladies) and go test ’em out and find some new favorites! Wanna try some place new this week? Here’s where to go:

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An Old Hollywood Throwback With Killer Steak


With exposed brick, luxurious couches, low lighting, black and white portraits of screen stars, and a curvy grand staircase, Sinema is bringing the retro glamour to the 615. The new spot on 8th Ave. is a renovated space that pays homage to its roots – the building used to be the old Melrose Theater, a popular hangout back in the day. Since this place is so truly unique to the Music City area, it draws a diverse crowd – we saw night-on-the-town birthday celebrations, distinguished gentlemen sippin’ on cocktails, a purple-haired teen enjoying the frites…all different walks of life! Make a reservation, y’all, and order the steak frites. They have French onion soup-esque toppings. On the steak. YUM.


All The Chicken Ever & A Retro RCA Sign

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12 South has enjoyed some pretty amazing restaurant openings recently (hellooo Josephine & Epice), and Flipside is no exception. The vibe is casual retro fun, and they even paid homage to Music City with something they knew the locals would love – an old school RCA Victor sign. The place has been pretty packed out, but you can probably score a seat with a minimal wait. The crowd is pretty 12 South-centric (meaning that your waiter is probably going to be in a band and wearing a wide-brimmed hat), but you’ll feel at home no matter who you are. It’s hip without pretension. Try the tater tot nachos to start and then get down on their buffalo/bleu cheese chicken plate, the Betsy. Deeeelish.

Union Common:

A Sleek Art Deco Steakhouse With A Central Location

Image courtesy of Matt Rogers, Eater

This steakhouse is brand-spankin’ new, and like the others on the list, there’s definitely some classy decor. The art deco vibe and the food offerings are so classy you’ll be feelin’ like Jay Gatsby (but you won’t be dining with mob bosses and their mistresses, and we’d advise you not to call anyone “old sport”). Yup, it has a a high price tag to match, so the crowd can be a bit high rollin’, but it’s Nashville – everyone is friendly. Keep it classic with a NY Strip and vary it up with the mussels to start. The location is prime – on Broadway and Division, it’s smack dab in the middle of all the Midtown and Downtown action. Great place to start a night on the town!

There you have it, Nashville – three new restaurants that very well could become a favorite. Try something new this week, and for all your restaurant suggestions, live music, happy hours, and more, grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

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