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Here’s Why You Wanna Go To “Playwrights In The Round”, Nashville


All the world’s a stage.

We’d say we agree with that ingenious Bill Shakespeare quote, and we’ll even get more specific: All of Nashville is a stage. Also a TV set (yes, Germantown residents, we saw all your tweets this week about the Nashville car chase scene filming in front of all your trendy town homes). From our angsty songs to our food presentation to our wide brimmed hats, we Nashvillians have a flair for the dramatic. Don’t believe us?

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Well you should probably come to Playwrights In The Round tonight. The awesome folks at 12th & Broad are bringing us a one-of-a-kind theatrical event, showcasing some of the best writing and dramatic talent in the 615. Here are just a couple of reasons to attend:

1. Playwrights are super intriguing.


Can you imagine meeting a boring playwright? Yeah, us either. Typically, someone with this noble, artistic profession has some enigmatic quality no one can quite put their finger on – just ask the most famously desired woman in the world, Marilyn Monroe (she married the dude on the left, the brooding and wildly talented Arthur Miller). From Marsha Norman to William Shakespeare, there has to be a deep sense of empathy (whether buried deep inside or lingering on the surface) that allows a good playwright to dive into the human experience through storytelling. We dig it.

2. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary means of expression for our music-heavy community.

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Don’t get us wrong: there’s a ton of awesome theater in Nashville. However, we get our title of Music City honest – on any given night of the week, you could go to about 1938942 writer’s rounds and witness storytelling in a way you’ve probably done a million times; by listening to an expertly crafted, guitar heavy, riff-laden, and intensely felt song with a lot of metaphors about the sky breaking through or something. And we looove that. It’s part of what makes the city what it is (which is great). But we say – do both! Take advantage of the incredible dramatic scene in your own city and experience art in an atypical way. You’ll be glad you did!

3. Tapas. That’s right. T-A-P-A-S.

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What heaven, that word. If you’re unfamiliar with tapas, it basically means delicious and varied small plates (that we could snack on forever). During intermission of the 90 minute set (each reading of the short play is 10 minutes long, so it’s gonna fly by), you’ll enjoy tapas and cocktails. Warning: small plates lead to deceptively large dinners. Bring your elastic waistbands, kids.

4. The theater scene in Nashville is worth exploring.

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We’ve said it before (which you can read about here), we’ll say it again (at the risk of sounding repetitive) – the theater scene in Nashville is growing, and it’s super exciting. Get in on it now, y’all!

There you go, Nashville! As if you needed any convincing. It’s going to be an awesome night of actin’, writin’, tapas eatin’, and cocktail sippin’. We can’t wait! Head to 12th and Broad tonight, and for all your Nashville experiences, grab Wannado\. We’ll make sure you stay in the know so you can do what you wannado.

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