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Wanna Ring In 2014? Your Guide To A Nashville New Years Eve


Wanna Ring In 2014?

Hey Nashville…we know what you’re thinking:

New Years Eve is like Christmas’s cool aunt. On Christmas, you spend your time with the family, eat your weight in casseroles that are made (per family tradition) with about two pints of butter, and celebrate the birth of Jesus. And then probably go see a movie after you wake up from your nap. New  Years Eve caters to the individuality in us all. You can spend the night going all out on the junk food (since your diet starts tomorrow) making bets on how many minutes it will take Kathy Griffin to make Anderson Cooper visibly uncomfortable on TV. You can spend it at a party, scanning the crowd for who to kiss (or who to avoid) at midnight. You can spend it in a bunker stocking up on canned goods and other non-perishable food items, if you think the zombie apocalypse is coming in 2014. Whatever you decide to do, we want to help. You deserve a quality last night of 2013. So here we go, Nashville…our favorite New Years Eve activities to:

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Fist Bump Like There’s No Tomorrow: 

The Nashville White Out NYE


DO drop that thun-thun-thun.


The unique Green Hills area spot, The Greenhouse Bar!


Let’s forget what Jersey Shore did for fist-pumping (made it seemingly lame). Don’t underrate it, y’all. There’s something about putting your energy/love for Britney Spears’ new song “Work Bitch” on display by sending your fist high in the air – it can be magical. Exhilarating. This is the place to do it. You can even pretend you’re at Diddy’s (Puff Daddy? Puff Diddy? P.Diddy? P.Daddy? We can’t keep up) annual bash, because like his famous party, this event requires all white clothing. But don’t worry – it promises to be colorful! Prepare to dance – they’ve got tons of the best DJs around spinning some groove-worthy tunes all night long. They even got DJ PAUL – of Three Six Mafia, duh – to do his full DJ set. In addition to a huge dance floor, they’ve got an area called “The Boom Room”. The. Boom. Room. Drink specials, dancing, a member of Three Six Mafia, and THE BOOM ROOM. Doesn’t get much better.


Greenhouse Bar is pretty big. Bring the friend that’s easy to spot in a crowd (especially since everyone will be wearing white), if you don’t want to get separated. And seriously, bring anyone who likes Britney Spears’ new album. This is for them.

Be Whimsically Fancy (And Spend Some Of Your Christmas Bonus):

Gray’s On Main New Years Bash

Picture 15

“All eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus”. And no, we can’t stop with the Britney Spears references.


The newly opened, historic Gray’s On Main in Downtown Franklin!


New Years Eve is usually quite a circus. Celebrate that mayhem in style! Gray’s On Main (which is SO cool and if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s your chance) is hosting a vintage, circus-themed bash right in the heart of the charming and festive downtown Franklin area. There’s a prix-fixe menu (so bring that wad of cash you got on Christmas morning for the $95 ticket) from some of the best chefs in town. And, of course, some interactive performances – aerialists! jugglers! mimes! magicians – and not like the magician named Bruce who was the only entertainment at your high school prom and had just one trick – like, really really good magicians! An Americana band will be providing the vaudeville musical vibes, so bring your dancin’ shoes. At midnight, your ticket includes a glorious champagne toast. Whoop!


This sounds like a good event for date night. Bring your lady/man friend and maybe your favorite other couple and ring in the new year in a classy, whimsical way!

Brave The Crowd & Have A Blast:

Bash on Broadway

Photo from The Tennessean
Photo from The Tennessean

Be in the center of it all, y’all.


Honky Tonk Lane, baby. This party goes down on Broadway.


“But Broadway is going to be so crazy – it’s going to be too stressful”. Let us stop you right there, Debbie Downer (we say this with love). You. Cannot. Miss. This. Lineup. The Bash on Broadway has become a Music City staple on New Years Eve – we even have our own version of the ball drop! They literally drop a big ol’ steel music note, complete with fireworks and confetti canons. But here’s why you wanna come to Nashville’s biggest NYE party: Hank Williams, Jr., Blackberry Smoke, Robert Randolph, Brett Eldredge, Kopecky Family Band, and Striking Matches. No, that is not an aspiring country singer’s “6 People I Would Want To Have Over For Dinner” list. That is the musical lineup for this part-ay. Soooo yeah…we think you can brave the crowd.


Well, the event is free. Take your pals who don’t want to spend a ton on a NYE activity, and preferably your friends who walks with purpose. Getting through the throngs of people can get a little tricky.

Party Like It’s (Just About To Be) 1999:

My So-Called Band Ultimate 90s New Years Eve

Picture 16

So tell me what ya want, what ya really, really want.


The hippest venue on 8th Ave., Cannery Ballroom!


Yeah, we know we’ve mentioned My So Called Band before. Just for the creativity in the name alone, they deserve a shout out! If you are a product of a 90s childhood/teenage adolescence, this is your party. Wipe out the pop culture memories of 2013 – the twerking, Justin Bieber abandoning his monkey in Germany (yeah, that happened), the debut of the instant classic “Sharknado” – and take it back to a simpler time. A time when Claire Danes had red hair that complimented her coloring. A time when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince, not the father of Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend. A simpler time. Put on your slap bracelets, your Doc Martens, and your tiny Lisa Frank backpacks. Think we’re going to miss this party? As if!


Bring the friends who are good at group-dancing. Like, they have to know The Macarena. No exceptions.

Fox Trot The Night Away:

The World Famous Glen Miller Orchestra In Concert


Play it again, Sam.


One of our favorite spots ever in Tennessee, The Franklin Theatre!


First of all, we have no clue why this place isn’t packed every single day of the week! Classic films, recent films, old time-y popcorn, Dos Perros beer, cheap prices: they have it all. The theatre has been around since the 1930’s and has been restored in the last decade. They always bring us nostalgic fare, and New Years Eve is no exception! Even you young whipper-snappers must know who The Glenn Miller Orchestra is. The wildly famous bandleader formed one of the most iconic orchestras of all time, traveling all over the world with them until his disappearance in 1944. However, the band kept going, and the long-running institution still exists to this day. Come be a part of a grand, rich, boppin’ history and dance the night away with these iconic performers. Seriously. You can tell your grandkids about this someday.


There are two show times, so this won’t take all night. This is good for a group who has some kind of house party to go to later! Or an early house party they need an excuse to leave. Just looking out for ya!

So there you go, Nashville: your Wannado guide to a rockin’ Nashville New Years Eve. Whether you end up on the couch covered in cheeto dust or sandwiched in between strangers in Downtown Nashville, we hope you have a grand ole’ time. And while you’re at it, here’s a New Years resolution: get out in your city and enjoy 2014 with Wannado. It’s going to be a great year.

– Your local guide.

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