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Wannado Thanksgiving? How To Entertain The 5 Types Of Nashville Holiday Visitors


Tis’ the season to have visitors.

Yes, that ring of the doorbell at 9 am on Thursday morning might come when you feel unprepared physically, mentally, and spiritually (meaning you are literally up to your elbows in turkey grease). But guess what? When the dishes are cleared and the naps have been taken, Wannado has got you covered on what to do with those visitors (and if none of them match up, browse it all HERE)!

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The Tourist

Famous Biscuits, Vince Gill, & Tree Lightings



Probably your Aunt Helen from Mississippi. She watches “Nashville” religiously with her book club and always tells you you should be dating Blake Shelton/Carrie Underwood/some other Nashvillian they don’t realize is married. She makes the best cornbread around, and she is gonna wanna see the sights.


Loveless Cafe and/or Pancake Pantry. Yes, the line is long, but odds are Helen has read about those biscuits and sweet potato pancakes for years. Indulge her (and yourself). They’re famous for a reason!


Opry At The Ryman – Vince Gill is bringing a soulful pickin’ party to the historic Ryman Auditorium the day after Thanksgiving. Music royalty and an amazing venue? Check!

Tree Lighting with Brenda Lee – Legendary firecracker Brenda Lee will be leading the downtown Nashville tree lighting ceremony from Country Music Hall Of Fame on Friday. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, indeed!

A self-guided tour of the places in “Nashville” – Check out our handy walking guide to the show’s filming locations here. Make sure Aunt Helen brings her camera!


The Displaced Pal

Comfort Food, Jazz Funk, & All The Dance Parties



A friend whose family happens to live in Canada or Florida or somewhere else equally hard to travel to for the holidays. Probably a mid-twenty something who still misses the ever-elusive Thanksgiving break when their parents actually flew them home and they didn’t have a work assignment due on Wednesday morning. They will bring a change of clothes (i.e. fat pants) for post-lunch activities, but they probably want to get out of the house a bit to take their mind off missing their families.


Rolf and Daughters – You’ve been wanting to check out this place forever, but it’s always packed. Check it out with a friend when the wait is shorter!

Arnold’s Country Kitchen – Sometimes you and your Friendsgiving pals burn the turkey, and that’s ok. After you’ve cleaned up, head to Arnold’s for a southern meat-and-three lunch just like grandma makes it.


Birdman at Belcourt Theatre – The weirdly wonderful movie won’t give you the holiday warm fuzzies, but it will make you think. This is even showing ON Thanksgiving if you’ve eaten early and run out of ideas.

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue – Your mom may not be there, but you can shake what she gave you. Take your pals out to get up off of that thang at Marathon Music Works.

Rooftop Dance Party W/COACH – Acme Feed and Seed knows how to throw a party. Keep dancin’ those homesick blues away at this rooftop party!


The Hard-To-Impress

Culinary Hotspots, Cheekwood Magic, & A Chance To Give Back



Most likely your in-laws. Of course they mean no harm, but they would much prefer you live in a house at the end of their street in Wisconsin than in the “urban hellhole” that is a metropolitan city full of artists and artisan coffee. We all fear what we don’t understand. Plus, without them, you might not have known that the multicolored orchids at your wedding were “a bit much, dear”.


Coco’s Italian Market – This quiet spot is an under-the-radar culinary achievement, but it isn’t so trendy that it intimidates. Big Italian pasta dishes and a killer wine list. They’ll love it!

The Pharmacy Burger & Beer Parlor – That burger will dispel any familial tension. No one will even come up for air to talk about what they think of the Obama administration.


Helping The Hungry – A Thanksgiving Day tradition, this service opportunity will bring out the best in you and your whole group. Laugh together, serve together, and have a meaningful holiday.

Holiday At Cheekwood – Whether there are kids around or not, you’ll love the holiday spirit at one of the most impressive Nashville destinations around, Cheekwood.

A Christmas Carol – Show off the lovely local theatre scene with this production of the classic Christmas tale at Larry Keeton Theatre.


The Kids’ Table

Pancake Flipping, Craft Making, & Laser Tagging



All the rambunctious children in your family/someone else’s kid who has found their way to your place on Thanksgiving. They probably don’t like half the food you made, but they will bring that energy when everyone needs to rally and get out of that food coma.


Pfunky Griddle – One of the best places to take kids in town! Make this the day-after breakfast when you can’t reheat stuffing anymore.

Mafiaoza’s – Family-style pizza will give you a break from the down-home cuisine of the season. Most kids love pizza. So do you. Win-win!


Turkey Day Crafts – This super fun arts & crafts day is a post-Thanksgiving Murfreesboro party. Head to Discovery Center for all the activities!

Photos With Santa – Get a complimentary shot of your little ones with old Saint Nick! Generation Domination will be snapping pics at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

LaserQuest – When you’ve eaten too much turkey and are down for the count, take the kids to the downtown laser tag complex to blow off some steam. Bonus points if you get in there with them, because this place is insanely fun.


The Active

Turkey Trots, Vegan Dishes, & Online Shopping Alternatives

Image courtesy of The Tennessean


Your yoga teacher cousin. She brought her own tofurkey and crockpot (which was sweet) so as not to disturb any non-vegetarians. Hobbies include shopping for cross-trainers, googling “how to make your own granola”, and running 100000 miles every morning before work.


Sunflower Cafe – You’ll both need a cleanse after Thursday’s meal. Treat yourself to something light at this sunny, healthy spot!

Rumours East – Have a clean-eatin’ brunch at this East Nashville eatery! The place is cozy and breezy, and the brunch menu doesn’t have the super indulgent menu items that other places include.


Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena – This could go for pretty much any group on here, but make sure you get in a Nashville hockey game with your visitors! They play Edmonton Oilers on Thanksgiving night.

Turkey Trot 5K & Fun Run – Let them start the day off with a light jog – you know, just a little 5K. The annual race starts at CoolSprings Galleria. Fun Run for kids too!

Black Friday Hike – They’ve already got their Lululemon supply for the year. Skip the shopping craze and take them to the Collins Gulf Hike to get in touch with nature!


The more the merrier, right y’all?! Even when the visitors pack up and head home, we’ll keep you in the loop on all the things to do in Nashville. Grab Wannado – we’ve got you covered!

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