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When Books Go South


Each book bought comes with a free side of southern hospitality.

Literati from near and far,

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed this weekend dedicated to the value of the written word in our wonderful city. With the events and festivities of the 24th rendition of the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville coming to a close, we hope you’ve found a new favorite title to take home, walked away with even more of an appreciation for what these authors have crafted, or were inspired to write a little something of your own. If you were unable to make the fest this year, click the poster above to read up on all the authors and books featured this time around.

Also, because we love supporting the locals here at Wannado, we’re going to plug one author who’s a friend of this particular blogger and a mighty fine writer. Kat Zhang is an undergraduate senior at Vanderbilt, a recently-published author featured at the fest, and a panelist on the Young Adult Dystopia Panel that just wrapped up earlier this afternoon. Her first novel, What’s Left of Me, (published by HarperCollins about a month ago) is getting rave reviews and is readily available at Parnassus, Nashville’s favorite local bookstore. Watch the video trailer below to learn more about Kat’s book.


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