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Where To Eat For Date Night In Franklin


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – That’s amore!

The air is getting crisper, Nashville. The leaves are starting to crunch under your feet. Football is comin’ back in full force. Fall is almost here! That leaves a lot of us feeling amorous (and yes, obsessed with all things pumpkin-flavored). So where’s the one stop shop for all things fall-ish and super romantic? Look no further. Franklin’s got your back.

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Franklin has been voted one of America’s most picturesque towns by publications all over the country. About 20-30 minutes outside of central Nashville, Franklin feels like a countryside that’s only a stone’s throw away from the big city; sprawling hills, cows a-grazin’, and star-gazin’ (the celestial kind and the country kind – pretty much every country star known to man has an estate in the area). The downtown strip boasts award-winning restaurants, live music, historic theaters, and Civil War museums. You can take a romantic stroll down the town square for date night this weekend, but you’ll probably want to find somewhere to eat with your main squeeze. Check these places out!

The Quaint Date

Grays On Main

Image courtesy of GetawaysForGrownups
Image courtesy of GetawaysForGrownups

Situated on “America’s Favorite Main Street” in the picturesque downtown strip of Franklin, Grays is a testament to historic preservation. A 1920’s cafeteria/pie wagon called Chapman’s, a pharmacy and soda fountain in the 1940s, and now a restored and acclaimed restaurant. The vibe is throwback but elegant, with a steep staircase and vintage photos of Franklin locals lining the walls on the first floor. A bit pricey, so the upscale Franklin crowd frequents – make a reservation! Take a chance on the fried pimento cheese balls, hot chicken, and the drink with lavender-infused whiskey. Yuuuum. It’s great for a cozy dinner and brunch when you feel like getting out of the Nashville scene for the day/night. Call ahead for groups!

The Stay-cation Date

Puckett’s Boat House


Not to be confused with Puckett’s Grocery, which is also in downtown Franklin (although they are related), Puckett’s Boat House will make you feel like you’ve finally taken that long-awaited Florida vacation. Locals line up around the block during peak hours (if you’re trying not to wait too long, go on a weeknight for a late dinner) for the fresh seafood and worry-free ambience. All kinds of Franklin folk can be spotted here, and it’s definitely a spot visitors will want to try once they’ve had an overload of Southern food during their Tennessee stay (you can only eat so much fried chicken and greens until you bust). Patrons rave about the catfish, shrimp and grits, salmon, and carrot cake. This is great for an out-of-the-ordinary date night when you can find the kids a sitter! Just make sure you bring them home some delicious leftovers.

The Sophisticated Date

Cork & Cow

Image courtesy of The Tennessean

From the restaurateurs that also bring us Red Pony, Cork & Cow is a fine dining experience. Wine bottle lamps and an eclectic vibe bring a sophisticated crowd to the two floor restaurant. Grab a glass of wine and relax with one of the best steaks you’ll probably ever have – the Wagyu sirloin steak with the triple threat topper will make any meat-lover swoon. Attentive waitstaff that will try to accomodate pretty much any request you have! Good for a relaxed double date or treating your lady/fella to a nice but chill dinner.

The Quirky Date

Bunganut Pig

Image courtesy of Nashville Originals
Image courtesy of Nashville Originals

Bunganut Pig is a bit of a rarity in the upscale, quaint Franklin area. A walk-down dive bar with live music and attitude to boot, BP is a great place to catch the big soccer game or unwind with a game of darts and pool. Make sure you bring a date that doesn’t mind getting to know each other by pool table lamp light (instead of the traditional candlelight dinners). The live music at night is typical Nashville (which, by the way, means it is pretty much outstanding), and the raw vibe really brings out the local flavor of the place. Don’t skip the burger or the shepherd’s pie, and order yourself up a beer. This is a great way to bring out your playful, competitive side with your significant other – if you want to raise the stakes, make the rule; loser buys the next round!

The Cheap Date (That’s Still Fancy)

Franklin Mercantile Deli


This spot may be a popular lunch destination by day, but you just can’t beat the deals at night. It looks like a typical Southern deli, but your dinner is about to get fancy. Why? Pay just $45 and you’ll get an appetizer, two entrees, dessert, AND a bottle of wine. If that isn’t enough to impress your date, what will be? The sweet potato pancakes as a side are a nice touch, and the Merc burger’s sauce is magic. Make a night of it and walk the downtown Franklin strip for maximum romantic vibes, Romeo.


There you have it, y’all! You know they say the way to a man’s heart (and let’s be real, a ladies’ too) is through his/her stomach, so we think these date night spots might just snag you a date to cuddle up with this fall. To stay up to date with all that’s happenin’ in Nashville, Franklin and more, grab Wannado! We’ve got you covered.

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