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3 Important Things to Know About Leak Detection and Prevention


The elements can do a lot of damage – fast! And in some instances, wind, water and erosion can even destroy homes. When people think of the elements destroying a home, most think of a fire. In reality, it’s water that’s most dangerous to homes. In fact, some studies have found that homes are six times more likely to be damaged by water than fires, and seven times more likely to be damaged by water than a burglary. These stats show why leak detection and prevention are so essential. If you want to know more about detecting leaks and how high-tech systems like Leak Gopher can help prevent disaster, read on!

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1. How to Detect Major and Minor Leaks

Leaks may seem like an inevitability, yet detection and leak prevention are quite possible, especially if the right technology and methods are used. If you detect a leak before it gets severe, you can significantly lower both damage costs and risk of things getting worse. To manage leaks effectively, you’ll need a device that not only detects leaks but shuts off the water when an issue gets out of hand. It’s also good to have a system that sends immediate notifications. Leading systems like Leak Gopher are preferred for leak detection and prevention.

2. Why an Automatic Water Shutoff Is So Important

Home and business owners that experience water leaks are saddled with high repair costs and inconveniences. A lot of the damage caused by a leak can be prevented. There are just a few simple steps that need to be taken, and this is one reason why an automatic shutoff is so essential. Of course, human skill is required to completely mend the problem, but a piece of high-tech equipment like Leak Gopher can shut off the water without any human intervention, mitigating damage and making repair easier. Having a reliable shutoff that will never fail gives homeowners incredible confidence.

3. The Longer a Leak Goes Unattended, the More Damage It Does

The quicker you can stop a leak, the quicker you can prevent damage. This is why homeowners install leak-detecting equipment. Some high-tech systems being made now can even send mobile notifications, changing the way leak prevention is handled!

How to Effectively and Simply Combat Leaks

Looking for a reliable and affordable leak detection and prevention system? Check out the Leak Gopher! Preferred by homeowners and business owners, this state-of-the-art technology will ensure you won’t be caught off guard by a destructive leak, one that’ll require water damage restoration. Stop the damage before it begins!

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