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4 Ways to Hire Temporary Workers In Nashville


Managing a team is hard work, which is why having the right staff in place is paramount to a business’s success. While the COVID-19 pandemic has left some organizations struggling to stay afloat, others have been ramping up hiring to keep up with increased demand.

Whether a team member quits abruptly, calls in sick or doesn’t show up, or if you’re looking to rehire for positions that were cut back due to COVID-19, you need a trusted resource that can help you hire reliable workers fast, without sacrificing quality.

We’re spotlighting a great company helping Nashville get back to work:GigSmart. Here’s a run-down of how GigSmart’s Get Workers hiring app compares with other local solutions for finding temporary, part-time, or hourly workers.

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Craigslist: From furniture finds to job placements, Craigslist has a reputation as a high-risk, high-reward option. While you may think it’s great for finding people fast, you’ll soon realize the burden of getting someone to actually show up and complete jobs is left on you. Sorting through candidate emails of unvetted (and non-standardized) applicants can turn this quick option into a much slower one. It can also cost up to $100 to find workers, and that price point doesn’t include candidate background checks, resume submission forms, or reviews.

Staffing Agencies: Temp agencies or staffing agencies offer a traditional route for hiring. They specialize in finding labor and can source you pre-screened, insured workers. So far so good, but working with agencies is expensive. They’re slow to source workers and hard to scale because of their fees. It can take 3-5 days to get a worker on-site, and once you have that worker, you’ll end up paying a 45-60% markup on their hourly wage. Ouch.

Social Media: If you’re looking to quickly hire someone based on the advice of your network, websites such as Facebook and NextDoor provide you with an easy way to quickly ask for help. There’s some social proof, but you’re also left relying on your own network’s referrals, which can include cousins, brother-in-laws, and that one neighbor who was “recently let go.” Depending on who in your network is making the recommendations, you might find the perfect fit. But if it’s a friend of a friend of a friend, you might find yourself with an unqualified or unreliable applicant.

GigSmart: GigSmart’s Get Workers app gives you an easy way to source local candidates with the exact skill sets you seek. GigSmart’s platform instantly connects you to qualified and insured workers who can work across a variety of positions, from line cooks, to construction workers, and commercial cleaners. It’s free to post gigs that will connect you to workers who have detailed profiles outlining their previous work history as well as community-vetted ratings and reviews. With over 60,000 workers in the Nashville area and zero up-front commitment, GigSmart can help you find your next worker fast — even for same-day shifts!

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As the economy recovers, we’re excited to help the Lakewood business community get back to work. Let us know how GigSmart’s Get Workers app is working for you!

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