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Election Day: What You Need to Know


Election Day is today, November 3. For those in Nashville/Davidson County, this is a Presidential and State General Election, School Board District 4 Election and Belle Meade, Forest Hills, Goodlettsville Municipal Elections.

Where to Vote

If you are registered to vote in Davidson County, you must vote at your assigned polling location. Use the Davidson County Polling Place Finder to identify your assigned Election Day polling location.

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It’s easy! Just enter your Davidson County address in the search window or click on the map.

Voting Requirements

Tennessee state or Federal issued Photo ID (even if expired) is required to vote unless an exemption applies. First time voters who registered to vote by mail must show proof of correct address when voting. (T.C.A. 2-7-112)

Voters who have moved less than (90) days before the date of a Federal/State primary or General Election to another place inside Tennessee but outside the county where the voter is registered may vote in the polling place where the voter is registered. (T.C.A. 2-7-115)

Voters must be registered in their county of residence no later than (30) days before Election Day in order to vote. (T.C.A. 2-2-109)

Who’s on the Ballot?

Save some time at the polls by looking over the candidates before you go.

Not Sure if You’re Registered to Vote?

If you’re not sure if you’ve registered to vote, click here.

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