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5 Best Date Nights In East Nashville


New year, new romance(s), stud.

January has been COLD, and we imagine you’re trying to find a paramour to cozy up to. Whether it’s your spouse of 25 years or someone you’ve been “talking to” for 25 minutes (can we all agree to retire that term?), you might need some help in the date-planning department. Go psych yourself up with a self-pep talk and make that phone call – we’re bringing you date night ideas in our city’s hippest hood, East Nashville.

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The Party Date

Drinks In A Treehouse & An Opportunity To Release Your Inner James Brown


Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in a corner.


Dinner: For a romantic and active east side party date, start with dinner at The Treehouse. The lifesize treehouse will satisfy your inner child with atmospheric nostalgia while still serving up plenty of romance. Order the Pineapple Molasses or the Three Sisters, and bring your vegan date here – this spot is very vegan/vegetarian-friendly.

Drinks/Dancing: The 5 Spot hosts the most happenin’ parties in East Nashville. Is your date super hot? Show ’em off on the dance floor, along with your best moves. This is a great choice for a weeknight date – Motown Mondays keep the retro hits coming all night. You won’t lose that lovin’ feelin.


The DIY Date

Winin’, Dinin’, & Long Walks In The Park


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (in the better times, obviously). You know they would whip up some organic, gluten-free, so-artisan-you-can’t-even-handle-it meals.


Dinner: Wanna show off those chef skills? Put that Iron Chef Netflix marathon knowledge to good use and impress the heck out of your date. Head to The Turnip Truck for the freshest ingredients in town and bring it on back to the homestead. Want some vino to go with that organic pasta? Woodland Wine Merchant is right next door and carries some excellent wine pairings for your meal.

Work off your meal: You might be a big fan of long walks on the beach, but you’ll have to settle for the next best thing. East Nashville is home to some seriously gorgeous parks. Take an evening stroll through Shelby Bottoms and start talking about your hopes, dreams, and childhoods. That’s how it all starts, killer.


The Day Date

Brunch & Shop Till’ You Drop (Then Detox With A Lovely Sunset)

Image courtesy of http://www.emeraldpalate.com


Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days Of Summer (you know, when things weren’t just absolutely terrible).


Brunch time: There’s nothing cozier than brunch at Marche. Sure, the line is typically pretty long on the weekends, but that just gives you more time to get to know your date (just make sure they know it is one, because brunch dates can easily fall in the friend-zone). When you get seated, order the coffee – it’s French and comes in a coffee cup the size of your face. The Croissant French Toast is always a safe bet, but we suggest you each get something different that the other can try. Presh.

Shopping & Sunsets: Wanna show your quirky cards early on? Head to nearby vintage clothing haven The Hip Zipper. You can show your date your unique fashion sense and even walk away with a souvenir (and no, it doesn’t have to be a $60 fur coat – go with the $15 earrings or belt buckle). Top off your brunch/shopping day with a walk across the Pedestrian Bridge. That view of the sunset could make anyone fall in loooove.


The Group Date

Brewery Tours, A Burger You Might Profess Your Love To, & A Seasonal Pick-Up Game

Image courtesy of egrandstand.wordpress.com


Jimmy and Nancy Fallon double-dating with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Embrace your inner power couples, y’all.


Tour Some Brews: Fat Bottom Brewery churns out some of the finest beer in the country, and you’re about to get up close and personal with how it’s done. Assemble your favorite couples for this beer-tastic group date. Tours are at 5pm on Saturdays and only cost five bucks a person. Score!

More Beer, Burgers, & An Optional Chance To Show Your Athleticism: Keep the beer flowin’ at Nashville burger/beer joint, The Pharmacy. You’ll be saying those infamous three little words before the night is over, even if your “I love you” is whispered to your cheeseburger – they are just that amazing. When the weather gets warmer, we recommend capping the night off with some friendly competition. Head to your local park for a pickup volleyball game! You’ll be working off that burger.


The Sophisticated Date

Local Art, Books, & Fancy Cocktails

Image courtesy of eastsidestory.com


George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin.


Getcha Some Culture: Love culture and shopping local? Bring the two together on this book-ish, artful date. Head to Five Points on the Main Street strip for some media shopping. Art & Invention gallery constantly has new pieces going up from talented Nashvillians, and East Side Story puts local writers on display and regularly hosts literary events.

Fancy Follow-Up: Once you’ve picked up something awesome (a book of love poems, perhaps?), head to the nearby Holland House to get the romance going. The mixology here is on point, and once you have a few Manhattans in your system (drink responsibly, of course), you might end up confessing your feelings. Take the leap, y’all.

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