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5 Nashville Brunch Spots to Delight Your Out of Town Guests


Having friends or family coming to town soon? We put together this short-list of go-to Nashville brunch spots that are sure to delight (some longtime favorites as well as a few newcomers).

Bon appetit!


1.   Marche Artisan Foods

Marche Artisan Food

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1000 Main Street
Nashville, Tennessee

If you’ve lived in Nashville for any amount of time, Chef Margot McCormack is well-known as a mainstay in an ever-changing landscape of restaurants. She was one of the first to open a restaurant in East Nashville – Margot Cafe – back in 2001 before “going across the river” became the cool thing to do. In 2006, she opened Marche Artisan Foods, a European style eatery offering breakfast, lunch and the oh-so-popular brunch. At the time Marche opened, it wasn’t common for restaurants to offer brunch menus, and Marche solidified themselves as brunch experts. Now, Marche is a weekend brunch hot spot.

Try the Artisan bread basket and the famous crepes for brunch. (Find more information here).

Chef McCormack is not only known for her creative, delicious dishes, but also her efforts in leading the local food movement. She was awarded the first-ever Thomas Williams Golden Skillet Award bestowed to her for her work with The Nashville Food Project, which shares more than 3,000 healthy, made-from-scratch meals and snacks with communities across Davidson County every week.

Most recently Chef McCormack was given the “Celebrate the Chef” award by Springer Mountain Farms, an award presented to a select handful of chefs that demonstrate culinary excellence, consistency in the dining experience and a commitment to the use of fresh and local ingredients.”


2.  Henley Nashville

Henley Nashville

2023 Broadway
Nashville, Tennessee

Henley is a modern American brasserie in the heart of Midtown. Named as an homage to the iconic shirt made popular at the turn of the century, Henley features communal dining and craft cocktails.

On Sundays from 10:30 -2:30 they offer a new take on brunch. Executive Chef RJ Cooper’s approachable, yet inventive, cooking style translates Sunday brunch into small dim sum-style plates all priced under $10 with the exception of a few larger shareable items on the menu. Chef Cooper is also a James Beard Award recipient. Give Matt’s Yeast Donuts a try, these treats are topped with Bourbon caramel sauce + bacon fat powder sugar. Learn more about Henley Nashville here.


3.  Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red

1200 4th Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee

In the summer of 2017, Henrietta Red was opened by Nashville native Chef Julia Sullivan and her business partner, general manager and sommelier, Allie Poindexter. The American restaurant offers a comfort food brunch of biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and monkey bread. But for those looking for a savory option, try a burger, farmer’s market quiche (which changes weekly) or the crab cakes. Learn more about Henrietta Red here.


4.  Chauhan Ale and Masala House

Chauhan Ale and Masala House Brunch123 12th Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee

Opening in November 2014, Chauhan Ale & Masala House has quickly become a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Co-owner and Executive Chef Maneet Chauhan’s Indian roots, zest for travel and affection for Southern cuisine have beautifully collided to offer a menu featuring globally influenced Indian cuisine that highlights aspects of the culinary scene. Brunch favorites include curried biscuits, tandoori shrimp and grits, and hot chicken pakora with waffles. Learn more here.


5.  5th & Taylor

5th & Taylor
credit- @randivasquez

1411 5th Ave N
Nashville, Tennessee

At 5th & Taylor, Chef Daniel Lindley pays homage to the American family meal. The menu is inspired by Chef Lindley’s memories of Sunday dinner with the family; therefore, you’ll find a menu that is familiar yet refined, with traditional American fare. Chef Lindley wants his patrons to feel like 5th & Taylor is a second home, a place for family and friends to gather and not only enjoy a meal, but also community. A big fan favorite at brunch is their mimosa paired with monkey bread. Learn more here.


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