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3 Reasons You’ll Love Bassem Youssef


OZ Arts is well-known as a place to expand your horizons through the arts and cultural experiences you can’t find anywhere else in Nashville. Yet again, they are expanding their already diverse repertoire to include a truly enlightening comedy experience with one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, Bassem Youssef.

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OZ Arts Nashville hosts Youssef’s performance of his comedy act The Joke Is Mightier Than The Sword on Saturday, November 18th at 8:00 pm.

Here are three reasons this event is a can’t miss. 


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Youssef was inspired to write and perform his own comedy during a volatile and dangerous time in his home country of Egypt. His comedic take on the events of the Arab Spring were a bond for millions of Egyptian television viewers and a hilarious escape from a frightening reality. Bottom line: If Youssef could make himself (and millions of others) laugh in a politically tumultuous time, he can probably make us forget about our dogs’ toenail fungus for a couple of hours. (30).gif

And speaking of medicine…


He’s Not Just Funny, He’s Crazy Smart

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Bassem Youssef was a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon before becoming world famous for creating webisodes with his comedic take on government and politics, which eventually led to hosting his own television show. The show had over 30 million viewers and sparked public conversations and activism in the face of an oppressive political regime. In addition to being recognized by TIME, he has also been named one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “100 Leading Global Thinkers.”


Youssef is the Total Package

Just in case being a surgeon, an activist and a comedian wasn’t enough, he also wrote a book, Revolution For Dummies: Laughing Through The Arab Spring. Oh, and just in case he sounds too good to be true, don’t forget that he’s not entirely perfect, Youssef currently lives in Los Angeles, in exile from Egypt. Jon Stewart says “Bassem Youssef is my hero.” (Like he needed any more street cred.)

OZ Arts is bringing the heat with an incredibly talented performer who has made a great impact on millions of people, and who fearlessly spoke up even when it put him at risk. Here’s your chance to laugh and learn with Youssef. The Joke Is Mightier Than The Sword is an an informative and entertaining look into a defining time in Middle Eastern politics, and you can hear it live and in person.

Tickets are going fast, so get yours now. The show will be followed by Q&A, and Youssef’s book will be available for sale (and signing.)



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