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Why the Rolling Stones tongues all around Nashville?


Have you noticed the giant tongue statues all over Nashville?

In case you haven’t heard, Nashville scored big when it was chosen as the final stop in the U.S. for the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism tour. The exhibit, hosted by Music City Hall of Fame and Museum, is a treasure trove of artifacts and memorabilia from the iconic band’s decades-long career.

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We’ve Been and the exhibit is AMAZING.

Seriously, don’t miss the chance to experience this exhibit. Just to be in the presence of Keith Richards’ guitars and Mick Jagger’s sketches is a brush with greatness, never mind the backstage set and costume displays. If your 15 minutes of fame was that time you saw some guy who looked like The Rock at Target, this is your chance to redeem yourself. You will get some satisfaction at this exhibit. Don’t let wild horses drag you away from this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Can you spot the tongues? 

As if all that wasn’t enough, the tour brings 5 Nashville hotspots a mini-makeover of sorts. Around Music City, you’ll find five larger-than-life Rolling Stones logo statues to remind you of the impact the band has had on rock music in the past five decades.

Take the tour, see your city in a new light and visit each of the five tongue and lips logos for an exclusive entree into exhibitionism. Be sure to snap a few pics and use #stonesexhibit to show your love for the Stones and welcome them to Music City.

Here’s where you can find the statues:


1.  Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

Conveniently located on your way into the museum to enjoy the exhibit. You’re welcome.

2.  12 South

For all you Instacelebs who need the perfect “I Believe in Nashville” photo op, here’s your chance to kill two birds with one Stone. (See what we did there?)

3.  Ascend Amphitheater

The Stones were a legendary live band, and Ascend is the great outdoor venue for live music in town.

4.  Baggage Claim at MTA

Welcome to Nashville, Music City U.S.A.! We’ve got it all — country, pop, blues and rock and roll legends greet you the moment you touch down.

5.  Music City Walk of Fame 

The Rolling Stones have earned pretty much every honor a band can earn, why not give them a little extra love on the Walk of Fame? Check it out on Demonbreun between 4th and 5th Ave.

Did we miss any? Let us know, take a few selfies, and be sure to head down to the exhibit for an exclusive look at over 50 years of rock and roll greatness.

Unlike Keith Richards, Exhibitionism won’t last forever — get your tickets now!


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Julie Holt
Julie Holt
Julie Holt is a freelance writer and magazine editor in Nashville. When she's not writing or reading, she spends her time yelling at her three children, drinking coffee, hiking and avoiding laundry.
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