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Way Late Play Date is All That and A Bag of Chips


All the fly kids in the 1990s knew that Will Smith’s movies were legit and MJ was the bomb. And maybe all those fly kids are now lit or woke, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love to get jiggy with it.

If you have any idea what all that means, we have the night out for you.

Adventure Science Center is hosting one tight night out for 90s culture fans with their Space Jams Way Late Play Date. Here are three reasons we don’t want to miss this fresh, fun event.


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You’re an Adult Now!

When you first experienced all the wonder of the 90s, you were probably underage and under your parents’ thumbs. Guess what? Now, you’re the boss of you!

Your ticket comes with three drink tickets, and you can enjoy adult beverages from from Jack’s Hard Cider, Jackalope Brewing Co., Hutton & Smith Brewing Co., and Hollow Pointe Brewery. Even your mom can’t argue with those great choices.

And remember when you went on field trips to Adventure Science Center, and Mrs. Perkins made you stay with the group even though you wanted to check out the interactive exhibits? NO MORE! You can do what you want, including trivia, food trucks and hands-on exhibits inspired by some stellar 90s movies.

And speaking of movies…

The Movies You Love Come to Life

Whether you rooted for the Tune Squad or you (were a horrible person and) liked the Monstars, Space Jam was the perfect combo of sports heroes and beloved cartoon characters. We dare you to name a better duo than Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.

Way Late Play Date invites you to lace up your Nikes and discover the science of “bounce” inspired by Space Jam.

And don’t sleep on Will Smith’s extraterrestrial-themed movies Men In Black and Independence Day. We don’t know who tapped the Fresh Prince to defend earth from aliens in the last years of the 20th century, but we’re on Team Big Willie.

Adventure Science Center created some bangin’ activities based on Will’s demonstrations of alien-fighting awesomeness.

Debut the Latest Laser Show

Maybe you haven’t visited a planetarium since the 90s, but Sudekum Planetarium brings the heat with a variety of fulldome features that will rock your world.

At the Space Jams Way Late Play Date event, Adventure Science Center will debut its killer new laser show featuring incredible digital imagery, millions of stars and brilliant lasers choreographed to such boss 90s tracks as Tubthumping, Like a Bird and Smells Like Teen Spirit. You know you still know every word — get your tickets now and sing along while you watch lasers bring these tunes to life.

Limited tickets remain for this slammin’ event — GET YOURS NOW!

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