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This Nashville Date Night Comes with a Lesson Plan

3 Reasons Second Saturday at Adventure Science Center is the Perfect Date Night


Look, we know you probably bombed Mr. Feeny’s physics class in 11th grade, but who can blame you — your crush was sitting right next to you wearing that knockoff fragrance that had you woozy and watery-eyed. (That’s a chemistry lesson for another day.) If you’re still worried about your woeful lack of learning in those early years, but don’t fancy going back to high school, Adventure Science Center’s Second Saturday has you covered.

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And hey, if you finally snagged that cologne-doused dreamboat from fifth period, it’ll be a great way to get cozy and catch up on your science in the most fun way.

Here’s our lesson plan for your date night at Adventure Science Center…


Astronomy Can Be Super Hot

No, not your zodiac sign — that’s astrology. You really weren’t paying attention, were you? The first offering at Sudekum Planetarium for April’s Second Saturday event is Nightwatch.

Nightwatch is your live tour of the night sky over Nashville. A planetarium educator will show you how to locate and identify naked-eye constellations, bright stars and planets visible that day.

Bonus question: What’s more romantic that reclining in the dark, gazing at the stars with your date? Answer: Nothing!


Physics (The Fun Kind)

Takashi Shimizu will be your instructor for this course, and he’s not like any teacher you’ve seen before. As a horror movie pioneer and Superstring Theory enthusiast, Shimizu created The Man From 9 Dimensions, a fulldome presentation that visualizes the world as theoretical physicists see it. This mind-bending feature will inform you and inspire you to analyze the world around you in new ways.


Classic Tunes to Set the Mood

This is the class you could never get into in college, you know, the one with the hippie professor and a guaranteed “A”? Adventure Science Center saves the easy classes for last, and you don’t want to miss it. Three separate laser shows featuring popular tunes from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin bring to life the music that earned these iconic bands a place in music history.

If you spent your teen years watching music videos (back when MTV had those?), you’ll love the immersive experience these laser shows bring to songs you’ve been listening to all your life.

For the most fun education experience you’ve had since you built that volcano in fourth grade, get your tickets now for Second Saturday at Adventure Science Center!


Saturday, April 14th Showtimes:

Nightwatch // Live Show 6:30 pm

Live show! Explore tonight’s stars, constellations, & planets

Special after-hours edition of our best-selling show: Explore the wonders observable from your own back yard! Stars, constellations, planets, and deep space objects are waiting to amaze you; learn how to find them for yourself in this live show!

The Man From 9 Dimensions // Fulldome Feature 7:30 pm

Our monthly signature show for Second Saturday

Explore physics’ unsolved problems on the dome! Based on the latest scientific data and hypotheses, Takashi Shimizu, pioneer of horror movies, visualizes the world as theoretical physicists see it in order to create a new kind of science movie.

The Beatles // Laser Show 8:30 pm

Twist and Shout to laser hits from the Fab Four

The Fab Four helped define a generation. Featuring the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time, Laser Beatles takes you back to re-live the evolution of this musical phenomenon.

Pink Floyd // Laser Show 9:30 pm

Go beyond the dark side – with lasers!

Looking to go further than The Dark Side of the Moon? Get Comfortably Numb in the dome as the Pigs on the Wing help you journey beyond the normal Floyd experience into some of their other classic hits. Don’t just Wish You Were Here… make plans to come!

Led Zeppelin // Laser Show 10:30 pm

Stairway to Heaven… with lasers. Need we say more?

Have you got a Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin? Take the Stairway to Heaven to listen to some Rock-n-Roll at this ultimate Zeppelin experience. Watch classics – such as Immigrant Song and Kashmir – come to life in the fulldome environment.


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