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3 Reasons The Rolling Stones Still Rock


We get it, you’re young and cool and you think septuagenarian rock is not your thing. Maybe Mick Jagger could be your grandpa’s older brother. Maybe you just had to look up “septuagenarian.” Your own vocabulary shortcomings notwithstanding, we have to talk about the Rolling Stones.

The band members have opened their archives to create an incredible exhibit that all the cool kids are visiting. Over 50 years of rock and roll history is in Music City, just waiting for you to discover it. From instruments to art to costumes, the entire history of the band is documented in life-like detail.

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The Rolling Stones were the first band whose concerts grossed over $750 million and they are the longest continually performing band in the history of rock and roll. That’s some serious street cred.

Just in case the Stones’ rep as some of rock’s founding fathers isn’t impressive enough for you, here are some legit modern day connections that will surely have you adding “Start Me Up” to your workout playlist.

They practically invented “frenemies.”

While the media liked to talk trash about how the Stones and the Beatles were arch nemeses, the truth is, the band members didn’t quite have the same passionate dislike of each other. Sure, they competed for shows and record sales, but Jagger sang backup and Brian Jones played the oboe on the Beatles’ ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’. John Lennon and Paul McCartney returned the favor by singing backing vocals on ‘We Love You’.

They might have been competitors and even played up the catfights for the publicity, but we think these guys wrote the book on frenemy etiquette. Mick and Paul could out-frenemy Taylor and Katy any day.

We all want moves like Jagger. 

If our favorite dreamboat judge of “The Voice” and Maroon 5 frontman says he has “moves like Jagger,” we will record those moves and practice them in the privacy of our living room. Don’t judge us, we just need to warm up a little bit.

A Rolling Stone coined a term in the rock and roll lexicon.

Bill Wyman reportedly assigned the term “groupie” to rabid fans during a 1965 tour. You are still using his slang today, and if anyone knew the definition of groupie, it was the Rolling Stones in the early years of their career.

Don’t think that the Rolling Stones’ influence on music and culture has faded just because of their tenure in the business — they are still rocking out way more than you do, and they’re twice your age!

Show some respect and visit their incredible exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame. It’s a show you don’t want to miss. Especially if you’re perfecting your moves like Jagger.

Get tickets now!

Be sure to visit the #stonesexhibit and see the famous tongue and lips statues around town for the full experience!

Julie Holt
Julie Holt
Julie Holt is a freelance writer and magazine editor in Nashville. When she's not writing or reading, she spends her time yelling at her three children, drinking coffee, hiking and avoiding laundry.
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