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8th & Roast Offers New Seasonal Drinks


8th & Roast is offering new seasonal varieties that have dropped at both 8th & Roast shops, including Sage Espresso Tonic (a refreshing iced drink made with house sage syrup, a touch of lemon, espresso & tonic water); Miso Butterscotch Latte (house creamy butterscotch with a touch of miso for umami goodness, available hot or cold); Pistachio Latte (classic latte made with house pistachio syrup; available hot or cold).

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These – and all the classics – are available at 8th Ave and Charlotte locations, with online ordering still available for to go orders.

Also dropping soon is a new roast for bag purchases: Guatemala Finca Medina, joining about eight other roasts available for sale in the shops and online.

For the latest updates, follow 8th & Roast on Instagram.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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