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A Nashville Thanksgiving: Dine In Or Carry Out!


Ahh.. Thanksgiving. The time of year to gather all your loved ones around a table to celebrate life’s many blessings and indulge in a delicious, home cooked meal with a turkey as the centerpiece.



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That’s right. Thanksgiving fails are more common than you think so we’ve come up with a foolproof way to have the perfect holiday meal without any stress or effort!
Yep, dine out or order in, folks! There’s no shame in that game! In fact, it’s genius.

So here are our top picks for the perfect Nashville Thanksgiving!



Dining Out for Thanksgiving in Nashville

1. Monell’s


For a very traditional, very delicious Thanksgiving meal, we highly recommend Monell’s, a Nashville Originals restaurant. You just can’t go wrong here. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, pie.. everything you’d expect at Thanksgiving with no prep or clean-up! Monell’s is open from 10am to 6pm on Thanksgiving Day so we would plan for a midday Thanksgiving meal.

Monell’s | 1236 6th Avenue South | Germantown


2. Merchant’s

A downtown Nashville staple for more than 30 years! Merchant’s is three floors of deliciousness. In addition to serving items off their regular menu, Merchant’s will offer a special Thanksgiving meal for $24 on the first floor and $55 on the second floor!

Merchant’s | 401 Broadway | Downtown


3. Sperry’s

For a super cozy Thanksgiving dinner, make reservations at the Belle Meade location. They’re offering traditional Turkey Day fare for only $32 which includes roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, salad bar and bread board. Mmm.

Sperry’s Restaurant | 5109 Harding Pike | Belle Meade


4. Adele’s

Adele’s is hosting a big Thanksgiving buffet from noon to 8pm! You can expect all the traditional food and the best part is.. it’s a buffet! Wear your stretchy pants and c’mon!

Adele’s | 1210 McGavock Street | The Gulch


5. Kitchen Notes

If you’re wanting to chow down a little earlier in the day, Kitchen Notes, inside the Omni Hotel, is hosting a Thanksgiving brunch! You’ll enjoy everything from turkey to king crab legs as well as sides like an acorn squash salad. $55 for adults and $30 for children.

Kitchen Notes | 250 Fifth Avenue South | Omni Hotel Downtown



Ordering Out for Thanksgiving in Nashville

1. Henley

It’s turkey time! Henley is offering a “Turkey Call” that will feed 4-6 people for $200. It includes all you need for a tasty Thanksgiving meal from the turkey to the pie. The coolest thing is Henley is donating a portion of every Turkey Call to benefit the non-profit, No Kid Hungry.

Henley | 2023 Broadway | Downtown


2. The Loveless Cafe

?If you’re looking for a good ole southern Thanksgiving dinner, we have three words for ya.. The Loveless Cafe. You will need to order early (by November 18th) to secure a Thanksgiving Meal Pack which feeds six people for $124.99. Of course, the pack will include all the classics.. turkey, gravy, bourbon cranberry relish, and three side dishes. Yes, please!

The Loveless Cafe | 8400 Highway 100 | Nashville


3. Porter Road Butcher

We have a feeling Nashville’s undisputed King of Meats, Porter Road Butcher, offers up a delish turkey. But that’s not all! They’re offering all kinds of meats from ham to lamb to roasts! Their meats are quality.. pasture-raised and hormone free! The catch here is you do the cooking, they provide the meat! You can either pick it up or Porter Road Butcher will deliver it to your door!

Porter Road Butcher | 501 Gallatin Avenue | Nashville

4. Puckett’s

Whether you want your turkey fried, smoked or roasted, Puckett’s has you covered! Their meal packs, which need to be ordered by November 23rd, include a variety of options from meats to sides to desserts. Too many options to name.. it’s making us hungry.

Puckett’s | 500 Church Street | Downtown


5. Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Okay, so, this just opened its’ doors in Nashville. Central BBQ.. aka.. BBQ heaven! They specialize in that slow, smoked Memphis-style BBQ that melts in your mouth. We recommend everything on the menu but a personal favorite? The nachos. Mmm.

Edley’s Bar-B-Que | Three Locations: 12th South, Sylvan Park and East Nashville


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