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Allie Colleen to Perform at Franklin Theatre


Allie Colleen will have a show at the Franklin Theatre on Friday, August 6th at 8 pm (rescheduled from 2020).

Releasing her debut single in 2019, she’s continued to release new music with her latest being “Pink Lemonade” the fourth single from her debut album Stones.

An avid songwriter, “Pink Lemonade” is actually the only recording on her latest project she didn’t write herself. Songwriters Nora Collins, Nick Donley and Matt McVaney penned the summertime anthemic tune.

“The moment I heard this song, I wanted it as an artist.  It’s the sexiest country song I think I have ever heard,” shares Allie Colleen in a release.

Songwriter Nora Collins added,“I am beyond honored to have Allie’s silky smooth voice on this song! The fact that it’s the only outside cut (meaning a song she didn’t pen) is humbling,” exclaimed Nora Collins. “She absolutely killed it! So excited for the world to hear Allie and sip on some pink lemonade!”

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And there’s more, Allie is promising soon she’ll be sharing her recipe for pink lemonade with the help of Pickers Vodka.

Take a listen to “Pink Lemonade” here. Buy tickets to the Franklin Theatre show here. 

For the latest updates, follow Allie Colleen on Facebook.

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