Monday, April 22, 2024
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Annnnnnd we’re back!


Nashvillians from near and far, we at Wannado are happy to announce the official live release of our app via iTunes. You can find the link to download it right here.

…and better than ever!

We’ve been working hard out here on the  interwebs and in your local neighborhoods finding all that Nashville and her neighbors have to offer and curating it within our app. As the weeks go on, expect to find more and more Nashville-centric content featured on our blog. Starting today, we’ll be spotlighting the members of Team Wannado and eventually moving outward to spotlight some of Nashville’s local guides, gurus, and celebrities. You can find the first team feature right here. As we spread throughout Nashville and refine the app even more, there will always be more to come. So stay tuned, and make the most of all your opportunities.

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