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Apple & Oak Closes in Hillsboro Village


Decor store Apple & Oak has closed its location in Hillsboro Village at 1818 21st Avenue South in Nashville.

The store’s East Nashville location, at 717 Porter Road, is still open.

Via Instagram, “One last trip & we are fully out of Hillsboro ✨ Thank you to all our loyal customers in & around Hillsboro Village. It was fun(ish)! Don’t worry, we are still going strong & East is open & packed full of goodies! Now I can go back to my happy, maximalist self!! Haven’t been to our east shop? Come say hi!”

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Owner Allison Holley, first brought Apple and Oak to East Nashville in 2015. She then opened the Hillsboro Village location in 2018.

Apple & Oak offers home decor, gift items, apparel, and Turkish rugs. Apple & Oak will offer their rug selections at events with their truck they call Loretta Lou, a blue vintage Ford truck.

Hours of operation for the East Nashville location is Monday, noon – 4 p, Tuesday – Friday, 11 a – 6 p, and Saturday- Sunday 11 a – 5 p.

To stay current, follow Apple & Oak on Instagram. 

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