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Cadets Toys & Comics Opens in Spring Hill


A new collectible toys and comic store has opened in Spring Hill.

Cadets Toys & Comics, located at 4910 Main Street in Spring Hill, recently started welcoming customers to their shop.

Owners Tommy Ruth and Joey Holt wanted to bring comic books, toys, and collectibles to the area. You can even find Ruth’s comic book, Chrono Cadets in the store. It’s a story of the Chrono Cadets who travel back in time to the early moments of the American Revolution as they try to stop Kastor from altering the course of history.

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Ruth calls Spring Hill home and Holt lives in Murfreesboro. The two have been lifelong friends since they were five years old where they met in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Prior to opening their brick and mortar, they were open at Flealand in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Ruth says, “We were at Flealand for about 6 months and it helped us get things going so we could ultimately open a brick and mortar store here in Spring Hill.”

Hours of operation for the store are Tuesday – Friday, 11 am – 7 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, and Sunday, noon – 6 pm.

For the latest updates on new store arrivals, visit their Facebook page.

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