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Central BBQ + Yazoo Brewing Team Up for a Limited-Edition Nacho Dish


Central BBQ, the place for Memphis-style BBQ, announced a collaboration with Nashville’s popular Yazoo Brewing Co. for a limited-edition menu item, available at Central BBQ Capitol View, and food truck event at Yazoo. The menu item will combine Central BBQ’s popular nachos and Yazoo’s Daddy-O Pilsner, resulting in a delicious beer cheese nacho creation called “Nacho-Daddy-O Nachos.” The nachos will be available at Central BBQ Capitol View from unti Sunday, April 11.

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To celebrate the collaboration, Yazoo Brewing will host Central BBQ’s food truck at the brewery on Saturday, April 10 from 2–6 p.m. The food truck will offer Nacho-Daddy-O Nachos, as well as another beer-infused creation called the “Daddy-O Sausage Sandwich.” The event is open to the public and will observe COVID-19 protocols.

All for a good cause, the restaurant and brewery are donating a portion of proceeds to PENCIL, a nonprofit organization changing the lives of students by building strategic partnerships between community groups and the needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools.

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