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Come On, Get Happy! 3 Nashville Happy Hours To Hit Up Tonight


Oh happy day!

It’s still the beginning of the week, but if we had to guess, we’d probably say you’ve had a lot of different kinds of hours. Bored hours. Sleepy hours. Annoyed hours. TV-watching and takeout-eating hours. Adventurous hours. But have you had a solid happy hour? You’re about to!

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Tuesday is a great night for a drink and some solid conversation among friends. You can recap Monday, give each other encouragement to head into the midweek strong, and talk about all the fall TV that is about to come back (HELLO, New Girl and every other show ever – we missed you). Head to one of these tonight and enjoy yourself, Nashville. You deserve it!


Pizza & Beer: The American Dream


If you go here enough, this becomes your Cheers bar (minus the palpable tension between Sam & Diane) – where everybody knows your name! This is THE place to be in the trendy 12 South neighborhood on Tuesdays. Pizza & beer = the American Dream. There are 2 for 1 slices of pizza till nine (and spoiler alert: THEY’RE HUGE), double liquor pours till 10,  and 2 for 1 draft and bottle beers all day (if you want to have a suuuper fun Tuesday, order the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale). The beers come in mason jars and just about everyone in there is really happy. Great place to spend your night! Be ready to wait a bit, and bring your pals!

Beyond The Edge

Sports Bar That Will Have You Reciting “Da Bears”


You like sportz and you don’t care who knows. Wanna catch the game tonight AND get your drink on outside the house? Beyond The Edge has got you, champ. This sports bar has mainstream appeal and East Nashville cool, with a ton of local brews on tap, plenty of TV screens to catch every play, and quesadillas and wings that will make you glad you ate a light lunch. Chicago Bears fans meet here during football season, but everyone still gets along regardless of teams! The happy hour deal? 3-7pm, 2 for 1s on well drinks and beer! They also have tons of local love – 2 for 1s on Yazoo from 7 to close.

Rumours Wine Bar

The Rumors Are True – This Feels Like Napa Valley


Rumours feels like it belongs in Napa Valley. With a killer wine selection & ample outdoor seating in a little garden setting, you’ll soak up the sun and all that lovely crisp air (just bring a sweater). Tucked away in a chill & sophisticated Oasis right off the main stretch of The Gulch, this is a great place to have a long catch up session with a friend over a glass of Merlot. Get yourself a glass  of $2 off wine, $3 draughts and $5 off wine bottles. It’s also super picturesque, so you’ll have something great to ‘gram.


Send out that group text, Nashville, and round up the troops…you’re about to make like The Partridge Family and “come on, get happy!”. For all your drinkin’, eatin’, and adventurin’ needs, grab Wannado. We’ve got you covered!

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