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Wannado The Weekend? 10 Things To Do In Nashville


It’s aaaaalmost the weekend, y’all.

It may be Thursday (we never miss it, because there are usually five million baby photos of everyone we’ve ever known on our #TBT instagram feed), but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel like kickin’ up our feet like these gents (even if we don’t own a super cool pinstripe suit). We’ve been looking at the Nashville schedule for the coming autumn months, and it is making us feel downright giddy. There are new records to hear, people to see, skills to learn, cocktails to sip, places to be, and obviously things to eat. We’ll keep you updated as we go, and we’re about to break down the highlights of this mighty fine Nashville weekend just for you! Here we go, y’all:

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Have A Come-To-Yeezus Moment

A Tribute Of Music & Art To Kanye West


Yo, we’re gonna let you finish, but this Kanye West tribute is gonna be the best tribute of all time. The self-proclaimed creative genius has a lot of followers and a lot of “haters”, but he is pretty much always talked about (this is the same man who tweeted “I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! what do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery ugghhh”). The controversial rapper is getting a proper Nashville tribute at ANTHEM, with tunes from Mike Hicks & The Funk Puncs Band, art from TSU Art Guild, and West-inspired spoken word by SouthernWord: A Youth Speaks Organization. Just in time for TSU Homecoming! Bring your blinds-like sunglasses and get ready to go harder, better, faster, stronger.

See Your Neighbors Get Dunked

SoBro Fest


SoBro is booming. The downtown-adjacent neighborhood is already home to some crazy popular spots; Pinewood Social, our favorite resident hipster pseudo-country club; Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a hub for the ever-growing entrepreneurial community in Music City; Crema, a coffee shop that takes coffee seriously but still feels like home (one might say they’re the “crema” the crop #notsorry)…the list goes on. Celebrate the neighborhood with SoBro Fest 2014! There will be live music, balloon animals, corn hole, food trucks, scavenger hunts, breweries, and most importantly – you’ll get to see some of SoBro’s finest take on the dunk tank. Bring your focus and aim for the target, champ.

See Gilly & Stefon Show Off Dramatic Chops

The Skeleton Twins at Belcourt Theatre


They may not be telling us the details of New York’s hottest club or sporting an afro whilst saying “sorry”, but Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are at it again. A post-Saturday Night Live career is notoriously hit and miss; for every Will Ferrell there is a sketch-turned-film that is a flop at the box office and the critic’s circle. The Skeleton Twins is a win for everyone involved. The heartbreaking, yet darkly funny film plays off the natural chemistry of seasoned performers Wiig and Hader, but allows them to explore a script with depth (and more time than a 4 minute sketch). Maggie and Milo, two twins with a troubled past and present, reconnect after one of their attempted suicides puts them back in the same house. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will have “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” in your head for the next month. Hader could be up for some awards for this one – we don’t remember the last time a comedic actor’s dramatic debut was so nuanced and well-received.

Do Some Divine Drinkin’

Black Abbey Brewing Company 1st Anniversary Party

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Wanna have your beer in a cathedral-like brewery? We’ve given you the low-down on the year old Black Abbey Brewing Company before, and within the first year of business the brews have become a Nashville staple. To celebrate their success, head to the brewery on Saturday for some drinkin’ of divine proportions. Chill out surrounded by church-like architecture, enjoy live music, grab a souvenir cup, nosh on some food from Riff’s, and get a bottomless cup and special present upon arrival. This will take your day-drinking to the next level, and it’s always worth it to celebrate local businesses that are contributing awesome things to our city.

Get Your Writing Fix & Meet Fellow Literary Enthusiasts

Craft Intensive: Studies In Character at The Skillery


Holden Caulfield. Sherlock Holmes. Holly Golightly. Franny Glass. Jay Gatsby. Lennie Small. Elizabeth Bennett. Good characters stay with us. When writing fiction, it can be a looong learning process with a lot of trial and error before you reach a crystalized version of your character, and The Skillery wants to help you along! Come meet with your fellow writers for The Porch Writers’ Collective this Saturday for a character-intensive workshop that you’re going to love. Head to Germantown and bring that fancy fountain pen!

Hip Hop Till You Drop

Boom Bap at The 5 Spot


Sometimes you just gotta dance. Maybe you’ve been in a dance mood all week, subtly toe-tapping under your desk during a midday meeting and playing the entirety of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “Boom Shake The Room” in your head. Saturday, that dancin’ spirit is gonna pay off. Boom Bap is a hip hop extravaganza, gathering a who’s who of the Nashville community for some old and new school tunes that get everyone on their feet. The DJ will be spinning REAL vinyl (of course), and the event is hosted at the hippest of the hip East Nashville joints: The 5 Spot. Bring your friends and get rowdy – this is a fun one.

Embrace Your Inner (Rowdy) Nerd

Comic Con After Party


Let your inner nerd shine, Nashville. Why? Because this weekend, THE CAPTAIN WILL ARRIVE. Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner, is gonna be in the house this weekend (Music City Center, to be specific) at Wizard World: Nashville Comic Con. There will be tons of celebrities in town, including Shannon Doherty, Hollie Marie Combs, The Bella Twins, Jamie Bamber, Vine star Nash Grier, and more. Where might they find themselves after the Comic Con festivities are over? Cannery Ballroom is hosting a massive afterparty that’s going to be one for the (comic) books (see what we did there?). Spice J of Protomen will be taking over the tunes (the band has opened for nerd-gods Tenacious D), and it’s going to be great. See you there. Wear a cape.

Do Sunday Funday, Football Style

Game Day Sunday at Acme Feed & Seed


Down here in the South, we LIVE for football season. If you can’t spend game day chillin’ in the Titans locker room, you should spend it brunching and enjoying the game with your community at Acme Feed & Seed. The new-ish downtown eatery is so uniquely Nashville and enjoys a central location on the downtown strip. This is perfect for a group that has a mix of football and non-football fans (blasphemy, but we’ll allow it) to split up but stay at the same place; there will be live music and brunch on the first floor and football on the second floor. Lightning 100 will be on site doing giveaways! This is better than your couch, we promise.

Fall In Puppy Love

Critter Care at Nashville Humane Association


PUPPIES, YOU GUYS. This is your chance to make a difference for the well-being of man’s best friend. Nashville Humane does a lot of amazing things keeping our pups and cats and pets well and constantly finding good homes. Give back by volunteering! You’ll be walking the dogs, cleaning dog/cat cages, and ultimately getting maximum snuggles from the cutest critters you ever did see. Head to Nashville Humane Association on Sunday and bring your camera (and the permission of whoever you live with to maybe adopt, because you’re going to fall in love instantly).

Get A First Look At The Taco The Town

Taco Bike Launch Party Breakfast


It’s the taco the town, Nashville. Music City’s brand new breakfast taco bicycle delivery service has the big reveal this Sunday! You’ll get to see the bike and trailer, get down on some breakfast tacos, claim your Kickstarter prizes, sip on some OJ, treat yourself to some Bongo Java coffee, and purchase some Taco Bike t-shirts and sombreros. Breakfast tacos and sombreros? We are so there. Head to Halcyon Bike Shop and bring your eating/party pants.

Jam To A Band On The Rise

Lightning 100’s Artist Of The Week, Vinyl Thief


Nashville is fallin’ hard for Vinyl Thief (and the world is soon to follow). This Tennessee-bred band released their Control EP in 2010 and have been building momentum ever since. The forthcoming album is sure to be a hit, and the boys have been selected as Lightning 100’s Artist of the Week. That means you’ll be able to catch Vinyl Thief live at Music City Pizza and 12th & Porter! Grab a slice (the pizza is actually suuuper good) and catch some tunes so you can say you knew them when.


It’s gonna be an epic weekend, Nashville. If one of these events didn’t hit the spot, you can find much more with Wannado! From live music to happy hours to chance meetings with William Shatner, we’ve got you covered. See you out there, y’all!

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