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Country Artist Drake White & Wife Alex Open New Venue


Artisan chef and event planner Alex White, along with husband and country hitmaker, Drake White, will open Whitewood Hollow this month. A dream six years in the making, the 2,500 square-foot event space is housed in an oak-covered, hand-designed barn and located on a 6.5-acre patch of rolling Tennessee countryside, just 15 minutes outside of Nashville.

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More than a picturesque venue for weddings, vegan and farm-to-table dinners, photo shoots, and other special events, Whitewood Hollow is the manifestation of one woman’s goal to bring her lifelong passions — including community, food, and faith — beneath the same roof, with the encouragement and close collaboration of her husband, Drake.

Alex White began her journey as a chef and caterer, as the owner of Milk and Honey Food Company. A former elementary school teacher who left the education sector to serve people in a different capacity, she has since grown into a pioneering businesswoman in the vein of Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, combining a demonstrated ability to bring people together with a servant’s heart and a master chef’s finesse. Meanwhile, Drake has left his own mark on the country genre, infusing each song — including four Top 40 hits — with his own brand of rootsy mountain soul.

“I’ve always enjoyed preparing meals, entertaining, and cooking for friends and family,” says Alex. It was during her honeymoon with Drake that she began dreaming of turning those lifelong passions into a new career. Within 12 months, she’d left her job as a teacher and launched Milk and Honey Food Company, a catering powerhouse that was founded not only upon Alex’s love for food, but also upon her dedication to help those in need. It was fulfilling, faithful work… but still, Alex felt like something was missing.

“I envisioned a place with my own kitchen space, cozy sitting areas, live music, string lights, fresh flowers, and large farm tables,” she says. “A place where people could be gathered around those tables to share stories and fellowship, pray, laugh, cry, and maybe even enjoy a nice dinner, glass of wine, or cup of coffee together.”

Working together, Alex and Drake turned that vision into a pencil-sketched drawing of a barn. Then, working with builder Keith Groves, they turned their drawing into a beautiful space in Whites Creek, TN, not far from the hustle and bustle of Nashville. The Whites remained intricately involved during every step of the building process, from helping choose the barn’s red oak exterior to making sure the porch was constructed with maximum sunset-watching potential in mind. Most importantly, they turned the barn into an extension of their unique personalities, creating a place inspired by community, faith, love, and a whole lot of Appalachian soul. Perhaps that’s why Whitewood Hollow feels like so much more than an event space. It’s a dream turned into reality… a prayer answered… a couple’s unique connection turned into something broader, intimately designed for everyone to share.

“Whitewood Hollow came from a question I asked Alex nearly six years ago, while she was struggling with her job as an elementary school teacher,” Drake remembers. “I asked her, ‘What do want to do?! What would make you jump out of bed every day with power and purpose?!” Alex has a servant’s heart with a passion for food and loving people. Thus, the idea of serving great food and hosting magical events in a barn that would leave a lasting impact in people’s lives was born.”

Equipped to a wide spectrum of events, Whitewood Hollow mixes Appalachian country charm with modern convenience. An antique bell from 1864 hangs in the cupola, towering above the state-of-the-art kitchen. A poplar-wooded dining room gives way to a porch that overlooks the pond and hills outside. Vintage furniture pieces, antique signs, and cathedral ceilings add flair to the interior, as does a unique light fixture from Bahrain, purchased by Drake while playing overseas for the American troops.

Whitewood Hollow is now open for business, with the goal of bringing people together. For photos, availability and other details, please visit: https://www.whitewoodhollow.com/

About Whitewood Hollow:
Designed by Alex and Drake White, Whitewood Hollow is a rustic event space located just outside the city limits of Nashville, TN. Equipped to host weddings, dinners, photoshoots, and other special functions, the oak-covered barn mixes Appalachian country charm with modern convenience, reflecting the lifelong passions of its creators. A former elementary school teacher who left her post to serve people in a different capacity, Alex White is an artisan chef and event planner whose recent past also includes the founding of her own catering powerhouse, Milk and Honey Food Company. Meanwhile, collaborator Drake White is a country songwriter and “voracious live performer” (Rolling Stone) whose soulful spirit can be seen not only in his multiple Top 40 hits but also in Whitewood Hollow’s rootsy charm.

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