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For the First Time Ever, Pancake Pantry Offers Dinner Hours


The iconic restaurant in Hillsboro Village, known for amazing breakfast and brunch items, that usually attracts lines of locals and tourists, announced some big news.

You can now eat dinner at Pancake Pantry! Hours have been extended to offer nighttime dining. Typically the restaurant typically closes at 2 pm.

Via Instagram, Pancake Pantry stated, “THIS Thursday we are giving you what you’ve asked for, for almost 60 years…WE’RE OPEN FOR DINNER!! Come see us every weekend starting this Thursday night! ”

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Extended hours will be Thursday – Sunday from 4 p – 9 pm. Now, you could potentially eat all three meals in one day at Pancake Pantry.

For the latest updates, visit their Instagram page.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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