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Get Illuminated at the Music City Solar Eclipse Festival


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you’ve heard that Nashville will experience a solar eclipse next month. You may think you know everything there is to know about this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you also used to think parachute pants were cool. So, you know… you probably still have a lot to learn.

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The good news is Adventure Science Center has all your eclipse questions covered and they’re pulling out all the stops with a three day festival & viewing party.

Eclipse Festival Time Place.png

Here are 3 reasons to grab tickets now (while they’re still available)

(NOTE: Monday’s *indoor* experience has sold out – however tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday. Plus all the *outside festivities* on Monday are completely FREE!)


1) It’s the perfect place at the perfect time. 

timing image 2

The August 21 full solar eclipse marks the biggest celestial event in U.S. history. Nashville hasn’t been in the path of such an event since 1478, and the next one won’t happen until Nashville gets its traffic problem under control, in 2566. (JK, we heard Nashville startup Hytch has a solution in the works).

Nashville is the largest city in the path of full eclipse, and the Adventure Science Center is not only perfectly located, but also has the inside scoop on the science behind it. Check out their simulation of the eclipse from the parking lot:



2) Because you love your retinas.

retinas deal with it.gif

No, you can’t just walk outside and stare at the sun all day on August 21. You need to know about safe viewing and why all the smart kids are wearing paper shades. While they’re laying down knowledge about how and why solar eclipses occur, ASC will also equip you with the proper safety protocol you need for the big day.

Be cool like this little guy and check out the safety guidelines here. (9).gif


3) It’s the most illuminating party of the year. (11).gif

While you definitely want to cover your eyes, there’s no need to celebrate this celestial phenomenon in intellectual darkness. ASC is offering a chance to party and stay woke at the same time. Outdoor activities are free and include access to “worlds” of explorations into science and technology with BioWorld, Journey to Space, Music City Science, Sci-Fi Science, and Tech of Tomorrow.  Don’t forget food trucks, live music and live science demonstrations. (2).gif

If you’re a fan of all those things and air conditioning, we highly recommend the exclusive indoor festival tickets, available here. Also included in indoor tickets are a showing of ECLIPSE: The Sun Revealed in the Sudekum Planetarium, safe solar viewing glasses, souvenir t-shirts for the kids, access to all of the exhibits and other activities and speakers.


You know you’re gonna see the eclipse, why not go full on at the most illuminating party Nashville has to offer?


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