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Gibson Gives Guitars to Musicians Who Lost Theirs in Nashville Tornadoes


Nashville is stepping-up for those who need support in the wake of the recent severe storms and guitar manufacturer Gibson will be a part of that support in many ways.

One way that Gibson will provide immediate help is to give a guitar to any musician who had their guitar damaged or destroyed by the recent Tennessee tornadoes. If you or someone you know lost their guitar in the recent storm, let them know about the Gibson Gives Guitar Recovery Plan (Gibson’s Foundation) and check out the site for more information.

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“Our goal is to get a guitar back into the hands of anyone who has had their guitar damaged or destroyed in the recent Tennessee storm,” says Dendy Jarrett, Executive Director of Gibson Gives. “As a Nashville, Tennessee-based company, we are also engaging with our artists and other partners to provide support across many areas.”

Please contact us at with your story.

Guitars will be provided at Gibson’s sole discretion based on proof of damage or loss. Replacement Guitars may be demo models, prototypes, or shop worn across Gibson’s family of Guitar Brands.

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