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Hatch Show Print Promotes New PSA Poster With Murals


Hatch Show Print has created a new poster called “Hide Your Smile,” which was inspired by posters promoting the 1939 film, “Jesse James,” and reimagined for today by designer-printer Heather Moulder. The four-color letterpress print is a timely reminder that says it all, and in a way only vintage type can: “When you go out, hide your smile for a while.”

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In addition to creating the posters, muralist Bryan Deese painted the image at 107 North 11th St. in East Nashville and at 5100 Indiana Avenue in the Nations.

This poster, as well as historic and iconic prints, plus Hatch Show Print-inspired face masks and other unique items, are now available for purchase at

Hatch Show Print encourages Nashvillians to safely snap a masked photo of yourself social distancing via social media and tag us using #HideYourSmile.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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