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When Will AMC Theaters Reopen?


In response to COVID-19, AMC Theatres suspended all operations in mid March and theatres in the U.S. remained closed for the second quarter of 2020.

The company previously stated that they projected U.S. theaters would open in July, but the reopening plan has been revised. AMC theaters are now projected to open mid to late August, the company said during an investor call

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AMC Theatres recently reopened outlets internationally. AMC reports that 185 theaters are now open.

In addition to sharing their reopening timeframe, AMC discussed their new agreement with Universal Studios and how it will work. Universal will give theatrical exclusive to theaters for three weeks before the feature can be offered to on-demand services including the AMC on-demand.

On the AMC website, it shows new movies coming soon including Inception, 10th Anniversary, Unhinged, Words on Bathroom Walls all with a date of August 21st. Tenet is showing a date of September 3.

As AMC plans to reopen, they released the following items to ensure the safety of attendees to the theaters.

  • Maintaining close contact with local, national and international officials to understand and coordinate the timing and requirements for reopening.
  • Consulting with current and former faculty from Harvard University School of Public Health to seek guidance from scientists and experts on how best to create a safe environment for guests and associates. Personal protection equipment, cleaning protocols, limited theatre capacity, blocked seating, and other strategies are all being planned. The company is also looking at high tech solutions as well, to aid in sanitization techniques including the use of electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacuums and, wherever possible, upgraded MERV 13 air ventilation filters.
  • Establishing a protocol partnership with The Clorox Company
  • Educating guests so that they understand the actions AMC is taking with their safety in mind.
  • Reducing capacity to 30 percent.
  • Simplifying menus – no refills on large popcorn or large soft drinks will be allowed.
  • All transactions will be cashless.

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