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How to Teach Your Kids to Swim In Your Backyard Pool


The ability to swim is a skill that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. And, in some cases, knowing how to swim may even save a life, including your own. Fun, practical – and, perhaps even critical – we support families who want to teach their kids to swim in their own backyard pools. Knowing how to swim should be required of kids living with a pool at home, especially if access to the pool cannot be completely secured when parents are away.

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The level of instruction given in a swim lesson will depend on the age and experience of the child.

Swim Lessons at 1-2 Years Old
Many experts agree that swim lessons can safely begin at one year of age. (Though many parents start their infants even earlier.) In fact, the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends swim lessons for many children beginning at this age.

Get your child acquainted with the water by playing in the bath or pool. Baby should always remain in your arms and should never be submerged. Swim diapers are required.

Swim Lessons at 2-3 Years Old
Around the age of two, kids can be introduced to the concept of putting their heads under water. To help, teach kids how to blow bubbles while under water. Reinforce basic pool safety, such as “no running” rules and no going into the pool without an adult. Avoid using inflatable floats, as they can deflate and provide a false sense of security (for kids and parents).

Swim Lessons at 4-5 Years Old
Around the age of four, your child may be able to truly learn how to float on her back, submerge her head under water for several seconds, and swim with coordinated arm and leg movements. Always stay within reaching distance and continue to keep constant eyes on your child.

Swim Lessons for Ages 6+
At six years of age, many kids can learn standard swimming strokes, including breaststroke and backstroke. Adults should still be present and watching; kids should be encouraged to swim with a friend and to look out for each other.

Let’s Get Your Pool In Shape for Summer!
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