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I-440 Reconstruction Nears Completion


Starting the evening of June 24, 2020, Tennessee Department of Transportation contract crews will begin the process of opening all lanes on the newly reconstructed Interstate 440. This milestone comes one month ahead of schedule for the largest project in TDOT history.

Over the next week, the contractor, Kiewit Infrastructure South Co., will be removing traffic cones and construction signs from the roadway. The I-440 corridor will be fully open on Thursday, July 2.

In lieu of a ribbon cutting ceremony, TDOT will be hosting a caravan event on July 2 to celebrate the roadway opening. Details for the event will be provided prior to the event.

The $154.8 million project features a new asphalt roadway which replaces the deteriorated concrete, three travel lanes in each direction plus auxiliary lanes, new lighting, new color overhead message boards, new landscaping, and ramp safety improvements at the 21st Avenue and Murphy Avenue exits.

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The I-440 Reconstruction Project was one of 962 critical transportation projects included in the 2017 IMPROVE Act legislation. For more information on the I-440 Reconstruction visit

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