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KatieCakes: Popular Local Pastry Chef Creates Online Shop with Home Delivery


Katie Garcia-Swann, pastry chef at the E3 Chophouse in Nashville (now closed due to COVID-19), has launched, a website for ordering professional pastries delivered to addresses in the Nashville metropolitan area — or mailed throughout the U.S.

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A graduate of Le Cordon-Bleu, Katie is currently the pastry chef of the popular Nashville restaurant E3 Chophouse and has also worked at Mockingbird and Lockeland Table. “I am passionate about baking and heartbroken that our new E3 Chophouse is closed,” she explained. “This is an opportunity for me to bake and help provide for my family.” Katie’s husband is also furloughed from his position at Bob’s Steakhouse (Omni Hotel) and they have an infant son.

The pastries available on are prepared to professional standards and they freeze well. The menu of items to order changes regularly, so check the website or follow KatieCakes on Instagram @youkneadkatiecakes for updates on new and seasonal offerings.

These special treats, such as K Brookies (a brownie base with a layer chocolate chip cookie on top), Bananas Foster Cinnamon Rolls, and a Celebration Cake make “stay-at-home” confinement more enjoyable. Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations that are temporarily postponed can still be a special event, with a delicious pastry delivered to your door.

Go to to view the menu and instructions about payment and delivery. All other inquiries including specialty cakes and orders should be emailed to

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