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Local Adults Will Be Racing Big Wheels Through Nashville This Weekend (& This Will Get You Excited)


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Princess Jeeps.

We see you rollin’, and we ain’t hatin’. This weekend, the Nashville streets are going to be overrun with some pretty sweet rides. No, we aren’t talking about some tricked out truck owned by a country singer with about ten songs about going mudding whilst drinking a beer – we’re talkin’ big wheels.

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Nashville’s finest will be racing each other in the vehicles of their youth – the miniature, plastic, surprisingly powerful Fisher Price cars that carried us through our neighborhood cul-de-sacs before the fateful day we grew up and realized we should probably be sensible and just get a Prius already. Tons of your favorite local organizations are participating in “Race The Hill: Pedal With A Purpose” (TEAM WANNADO, y’all), and it’s all for a really wonderful cause. Proceeds go to local recovery community, Renewal House. The organization provides tools of recovery to women struggling with addiction issues and their families, empowering them to live self-sufficient lives through their many programs.

Need any more convincing to come on out and participate? Well, Wannado has got you covered. We’re going to sponsor a team and cover your fees (just don’t think we’ll hold back in the competition, because we are gunnin’ for a Wannado win). Just put your proposed team name in the comments and we’ll pick a winner!

Now, to get you pumped  for this weekend’s festivities, we present you with awesome people (mostly kids with a dash of Shaq) riding big wheels like a boss. Pro tip: listen to Chamillionaire’s “Riding Dirty” during your viewing.








And finally, just to show you how ridiculous(ly great) things are going to look on October 4:


There you have it, Nashville. We can’t wait to see you out there on the hill (you won’t be able to miss the Wannado-mobile, trust us). Bring your A game and contribute to a wonderful cause! For all your adventures in the city, grab Wannado. We’ve got you covered.

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