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No Boat? No Problem! Boating Ideas for July 4th


No shoes, no shirt, no problem. No boat? Problem!

…but maybe not thanks to the Nautical Boat Club. As you make plans for this epic summer holiday, there is a way to celebrate this great nation and our enduring freedom on the water after all. You don’t have to rent. You don’t have to buy.

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July 4th Boating Idea 1: Buy a Boat

All right, this option seems pretty straightforward. Go to the nearest boat store place and buy a boat. And a trailer. Oh, and a truck to pull it. And you’ll need to find a lake in which to keep it…and pay a slip fee. Then you’ll have to dry dock it in the winter. Hopefully your new boat doesn’t need any repairs. And don’t forget the maintenance cost to keep it in tip-top shape.

Oh, wait! You’ll need life jackets. Your kids want to go tubing? Buy a couple of those as well. Your spouse likes to ski and your buddy loves wakeboarding? All right. Tack those costs on as well.

By the way, are you buying a speedboat or a party boat? No one can agree? Never mind. Forget buying a boat. There’s surely a better option.

July 4th Boating Idea 2: Find a Friend with a Boat

You didn’t really want the hassle of buying a boat anyways. Besides, your buddy has a boat! You don’t need to buy one.

Or you’ll make a new friend with a boat. Everyone else seems to have one, right? They won’t mind you tagging along this July 4th.

Wait, they have other plans? Other family and friends have already invited themselves along? They said they can make room for you, but it’s going to be a tight squeeze. And it’s BYOLJ…bring your own life jacket. Which you don’t have because you don’t own a boat which is why you’re hitting up your friend.

And their boat has a tear in the canopy, tape on the seats and the only music is from an AM radio.

Maybe there’s another boat option for July 4th.

July 4th Boating Idea 3: Join a Boating Country Club®

If you want the best option for boating this 4th of July, check out Nautical Boat Club in Nashville. Instead of choosing only one boat, instead of bumming a ride on an outdated vessel, instead of paying for all the fees, accessories and maintenance, have the best of all worlds for about a third of the cost of buying a boat.

A boat club offers private access to lots of boats, as well as the water toys, accessories and life jackets you’ll need and want. And you’re not limited to just one boat. Want to fish? Got a big gathering? Planning a day of skiing, wakeboarding and more? Reserve the perfect boat for the occasion. For a one-time membership fee and monthly dues, you’ll get:

  • Dockside valet service
  • Unlimited boat usage (Seriously, UNLIMITED)
  • Free guest privileges
  • Guaranteed reservations with >97% availability, and more.

Summer’s Just Heating Up

There’s still plenty of summer left. After all, it’s only July 4th. And in Middle Tennessee, our summers go on for a while! Reach out to the Nautical Boat Club and get started today to enjoy boating all summer long.

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