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Meet John Fleming, The Bassist in the Wannado Band


John, as seen here contemplating the worth of his Spider-Man comic book collection.

“I have somewhat of an obsession, possibly unhealthy, with guitar pedals.”

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John Fleming is the bassist in the band of life. While he may not be immediately instrumental to the eking out of a new song, you surely can tell when he’s missing and will most certainly like the music a lot better when he’s playing. Essentially, John is the guy working in the background who lets somebody else take the spotlight so he can ensure that everything sounds how it’s supposed to sound: good. (Also, he plays bass guitar in a real-life worship band, so that helps to make this metaphor a little less figurative.) Drawing inspiration from his growing collection of over 200 movies, countless recordings of Chelsea Football Club matches, a large stack of childhood Spider-Man comics, and every episode of his favorite TV show How I Met Your Mother, John requests that all of his adoring fans and friends address him from now on as “Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville” whenever you see him take the stage as a bassist. (In fact, call him that whenever you see him in public from here on out.) If you’re not sure what he looks like, imagine a thinner version of Spider-Man with a bass guitar hanging from his shoulder and you have a pretty good idea of John. Recent occasions for which this nickname could have been used include the Wurstfest hosted by The Pharmacy and the Oktoberfest in Germantown. Future occasions include next year’s Soundland music festival.

John again, as seen here attempting to wear all the Spandex he owns before crawling out into the city to fight crime.

A current senior at Belmont, John is one of our newest interns at Wannado, and he has aspirations of creating the Wannado “Late Night Channel” to cater to those of you wanting to keep the party going after 10 o’clock and later, when most concerts and other events are ending. An avid fan of both the movie and book renditions of The Hunger Games and Fight Club, John has taken cues from both stories and has plans to learn a foreign language or two just in case the last safe haven for humanity happens to be end up being somewhere other than America or another English-speaking country. However, until dystopia falls upon us all, John can often be found trolling the Downtown Antique Mall on 8th Ave South, bar-hopping around the Melrose area, and chowing down on Edley’s BBQ in 12 South. He also finds himself drawn to this unique spot on the bank of the river near LP Field where there’s an amazing view of the city and the dulled music of all the nearby concerts floating in the background. When likening himself to a common kitchen utensil, John prefers to be a spork because “they’re awesome and serve many purposes. Or I guess at least two purposes. Regardless, they’re just real creative.”

P.S. – To see what else John collects, such as the mispronunciation of words, watch the clip below.


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