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Belmont, Thank You for Rocking with Us


All we wannado is rock with you.

Friends of Wannado, check out the guest post below by Team Wannado’s resident music star, Matt Clemons.

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Last Saturday, we at Wannado had the privilege of sponsoring Belmont’s annual Rock Showcase. Student produced and featuring student performers, each genre-specific showcase highlights the overwhelming amount of talent within the Belmont community. And the 2012 Rock Showcase didn’t fail to deliver either, as the performances of Belmont artists Telegraph, Coin, Rudy, and Kim Logan made the night unforgettable.

Over at our table in the atrium, we spent the evening in true Rock and Roll form. Wrist deep in glitter and sporting incredibly small pink wigs, we would have made any good rock star proud. We had the opportunity to demo the app to a crowd of new faces and even convinced some of them to channel their inner rock stars in our photo booth. Thanks to everyone involved in making the night wonderful for the Wannado crew, and don’t forget to check out the pictures!

Be sure to check out the specially-made “Rock Showcase Channel” within the app so that you can easily find these great, up-and-coming artists playing again around town in the future.



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