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Mewsic Kitty Cafe Announces Permanent Closure


Mewsic Kitty Cafe announces the cafe will permanently close.

Via Facebook, the owner, Maegan Phan shared the news with the following message:

“When we found out in February that our family would be expecting another baby, we knew some big changes would be in store for Mewsic Kitty. We started thinking about selling the business or taking on a partner. Then, when everything came to a stop because of the pandemic, our priority became keeping our team, cats, and community safe and healthy.”

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“We closed our doors, not knowing when we might reopen, and placed our cats in foster care, hoping things would start to return to normal and allow us to go back to planning to sell or partner by early summer. With things still looking questionable, we decided to reopen during Nashville’s Phase 2 in early June. Unfortunately, with the steady presence of COVID-19 cases, there is no end in sight to the uncertainty and considerable financial impact this has had on Mewsic Kitty. Despite reopening, our sales continue to stay at or below 50% of what they were last year. We are unsure how many more months we might be able to sustain and know we will not have the people power to manage the cafe in coming months without a dramatic change. Given all these considerations, we have made the difficult decision to permanently close Mewsic Kitty,” they continued.

You can still visit the Kitty Cafe until the end of September 30, 2020.

Mewsic Kitty Cafe was the first of its kind in the Nashville area offering a place where you can enjoy coffee, visit the cats, or if you felt inspired, adopt one to take home. Since their opening, other kitty cafes have opened in the area-The Catio (Nashville), Catfeine (Murfreesboro), Naughty Cat Cafe (Chattanooga), and Scruffy’s (Knoxville.)

For the latest news, visit Mewsic Kitty Cafe Facebook.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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