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Nashville Indie Band Colony House Releases “Looking for Some Light”


Nashville indie rockers Colony House have released an acoustic video for their song “Looking For Some Light” in hopes that it will spread some light during these unknown times. The track is from the band’s new album Leave What’s Lost Behind, which reached #3 on the Apple iTunes Alt Charts and #14 on the overall Apple iTunes Charts.

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We wrote this song long before we could have imagined anything like what is happening in the world today. So many things have changed even in the last few weeks and so much is continuing to change yet the truth remains the same and is more obvious than ever… We are all in this together. Everybody is looking for some light. We hope this song can play a small part in lighting up dark and uncertain times such as these, said Colony House in a release.

Colony House’s third album Leave What’s Lost Behind is an endeavor designed to be experienced in its entirety. Listen to or purchase the album here.

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