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Dustin Lynch Releases Fiery New Video


Setting fire to his hometown in the name of heartbreak, Dustin Lynch is seeing red in the brand-new music video for his current single, “Momma’s House.”

Shot in Lafayette, TN, and directed by Mason Dixon, the video strikes an immediate mood, slow-burning and hurt-filled, transporting viewers to small-town USA where Lynch strikes a match to watch the world burn over a broken heart.

Lynch tells Entertainment Tonight, the inspiration behind the song.

“All the love stories that were successful in my life happened in high school in that small town kind of setting,” Lynch. “And that’s who you married and that’s who you had a family with, so ‘Momma’s House’ really takes me back to those times. I’ve been that guy before where I’ve just wanted to rip everything apart, but you know what I realized…is that lyrics to songs mean a whole lot more once you’ve been broken up with… All the sudden that John Mayer record means a little something different you know back in the day. That’s kinda what I clung onto. But pretty much every song that would come on the radio, it kinda felt different. You know I look at it differently because my world was crushed.”

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