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The Nashville Mom: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Q & A


Author: The Nashville Mom 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck just released a thoughtful, open and inspirational book, Point of View. This book takes you on Elisabeth’s journey through her early life, television career, marriage, motherhood and faith. Elisabeth shares a few more thoughts with The Nashville Mom readers in our Q + A Interview below.

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TNM: I can’t say enough about Point of View, I couldn’t put it down! It is thoughtful, vulnerable, open and inspiring. Throughout your time on Survivor and The View, I only caught bits and pieces. I knew you were adorable, stood up for what you believed in and had a strong faith. After reading your story, those are still the words I would use to describe you. As well as strong, Godly and an intentional wife, mom and friend.

TNM: In Point of View, you mention that you’re a “fixer upper”. In this season of time at home with your family, what are ways that God is continuing to “remodel” you?

EH: I hope He continues this renovation of my heart for the rest of my life!!

TNM: I loved your comparison of wide-framed lens to see the world more clearly. Our world is full of distractions that want to blind us from the truth. What are some ways that you can keep your perspective in focus? And how do you encourage your children to do the same?

EH: Mindset is something we talk about, really heart set. What is your heart set on. Some other ways are practicing gratitude, serving others, having horizon eyes (eyes up) for others. And working with the Positivity Project has been huge for our family.

TNM: Packing your chutes: It seems that God has placed encouraging friends in your path all along the way (Rodger, Sherry, Karris). As a mom, I know one thing I pray for my kids is that they have encouraging friendships. How do you steer your kids towards those positive kind of relationships? And also encourage them to embrace those who are different?

EH: Thankfully, they have been blessed with amazing friends. God has really been good. We are just always talking about what was encouraging and how they can be a good friend to others. Also, growing them to be children who can speak up for someone when they cannot speak for themselves.

TNM: Your headdress was your survival item when you competed on Survivor. What is your survival item in motherhood?

EH: My husband’s steady strength and intentionality with each of our children.

TNM: Your intentionality with your family shines through this book from your Ice Cream Party, Faith Flashlight nights and trip to Haiti with your daughter. What are some ways you would encourage a new mom or one struggling to create these special times or finding joy in the everyday?

EH: Enjoy the in between! We “get” to do this. Our kids are on precious loan to use. With the exception of our Haiti trip, all of these happened right in our home and most of them on a normal day. Carve out time for fun in the home nights! Or just making eggs and pancakes together. Truly: the moments are there and inviting them into my everyday chores or cooking always feels so special. Have paper plates on hand and be ready to just have a random celebration when you feel it!

TNM: Tastes of heaven: Let’s plan a meatball and Golden Girls Party! Sometimes life can be so heavy, I often wonder how those without the hope of Jesus get by. I too am thankful for these bits of heaven. I want to tattoo this quote on my heart, “I love a taste of what is to come. The joy that comes with receiving those glimpses, those tastes of heaven, is so incredible. The joy that comes with offering a taste to someone else with kindness and welcome and invitation and warmth is full of that same joy.” Can you describe a time that you have been able to share this “taste” with someone who needed it?

EH: We all have chances to just make another’s day better. Just having eyes for someone is one way.

TNM: What is your favorite spot in the Nashville area?

EH: Downtown Franklin

TNM: Elisabeth, thank you for this beautiful book. It has definitely encouraged my heart in many ways.

EH: Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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